A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape

By Gurmeet Kaur

Hey, everyone!

“Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, Rosy lips, teeth within”.
From childhood to eternity, beautiful lips have always been an indispensable part of the identity of a woman. Whether it’s the tender age, teenage or womanhood, our lips don’t just add beauty to our personality, instead, they become the voice of our personality and it speaks the language of elegance. An elegant smile or a hearty chuckle, a cheeky grin or a teasing pout, great lips have got us all drooling! Haven’t they? Like every other organ of the body, lips also demand attention. If you take care of them properly they are going to add an unparalleled edge to our outlook. Want to know how to shape them so that they look nothing less than the best?

A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape5

Read on and find out.

1. Know it First:

Always begin by analysing the natural shape of your lips. Do not judge your body, it’s a gift, nature has given to you. But, we can surely accentuate our favourite body features. Understanding what you have got is the first step. There are various lip shapes, slender, fuller, puckered, prominent upper lip, thin upper lip with a full lower lip or any other combination. Once you are done knowing your lip shape, we are good to proceed to the next step.

A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape6

2. Grab the Essentials:

Just like a craftsman uses a set of best-crafting tools to make his masterpiece, you also need to grab the essentials listed below:
• A hydrating lip balm.
• A lip pencil. (Complimenting to your lipstick)
• A lipstick of your choice. (Choose the prettiest one ladies!)
• A concealer.
When you are ready with these, head on with us to unleash the artist in you.

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A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape4

3. Apply Lip Balm:

Condition your lips with a good lip balm. Let it settle on your lips for few minutes. Reapply if the lips look flaky. Dry lips are a total no for both your beauty and health. Proceed only when you feel that lips are fully moisturised, smooth, free from any traces of dryness or flakes.

A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape

4. Use Your Lip Pencil:

Keep your head straight and note the point where the center of your nose makes a straight line with your upper lip. This alignment is the key to making your face look symmetrical. Always start with cupid’s bow to the outer corners, not the other way round. Tilt your face while lining the corners. Keep the lip pencil sharp enough so that the lining looks edgy and saves the colour from smudging. You can cover the outer edge to make them look less lean.

A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape3

5. Fill it Right:

Once you complete the lip lining step, fill the vertical wrinkles of your lower and upper lip with the same lip pencil. Proceed with an even application of a layer of lipstick with a lip brush. This makes your lipstick last longer than usual. Using a thin lip brush lets you fill those fine lines with a seamless finish. Apply another layer directly with the lipstick or a thicker brush. Keep it even while applying. Check that it doesn’t stain your teeth.

A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape1

6. Conceal it:

Now, look for any unfinished patches or absurd lines around or on the lips. It’s time to give the final touch to that pretty pout by finishing the outer line of the lips by using a very thin layer of concealer. Use a super flat brush to avoid uneven blotting. You are all set to win the world with that confident look with perfect lips.

A Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Lip Shape7

And yes, don’t forget to add the most necessary accessory – your smile! 🙂

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