A Guide to Asian Youthfulness

As the amount of pollution is increasing, skin problems are also on the rise. People seem to be getting obsessed with beautiful, cleaner, softer and younger looking skin. Talking about ethnicity, Asian, Middle Eastern, East European and Russian people are said to have the best skin and features. Here, we are going to discuss about Asian people who are not only famous for youthful skin, but younger looking body too. Skin just reflects what you feel inside.

A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness

The Asian market is filled with many beauty products. Each product has some particular ingredient that makes it stand out in the crowd. For example, snail cream, pig collagen, bee venom are some unusual ingredients. Here, I am enlisting all the tips that I found out of my extensive research.

Spice-Less, Fat-Less Simple Food:

Spice-Less, Fat-Less Simple food 2

Most of the time, we do not realize but the kind of products we apply reflect through our skin too. How our digestive system works is directly related to the age of our body. The more we eat and the more pressure we put on our digestive system, the faster we age.

Less spicy, less fatty and less protein food is easily digestible. So, consuming it will help the system to not age faster than usual. Protein rich food takes time to digest and puts a lot of pressure on our digestive system. People who eat protein rich diet appear older than those who eat  vegetarian or light food. Also, proteins and fats make you bloated, which is harmful too. So, by following such diet regime a lot can be achieved.

Lots of Workout:

Spice-Less, Fat-Less Simple food 3

You must have noticed that Asian countries do not come under most obese country list. One of the biggest reasons is that they do a lot of daily exercise. To commute, they choose to walk or use public transports. Driving cars is not a common sight in Asian countries. They do not often hit the gym too. Actually, they do not need to. Asians are counted amongst one of the hardest working people in the whole world. This hard work reflects in their work, home and body too.

Avoid Sun at All Cost:

Spice-Less, Fat-Less Simple food 4

Sun has been rated as the number one reason for skin problems. Ageing is also one of them. In addition to it, the sun also adds to spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone and skin cancer. You will hardly find any Asian out in the sun taking a sunbath. That is something they can not imagine in their dreams too. Even on semi-cloudy days, they can be seen on the streets with an umbrella. That is why they have a pale, blemish free, younger looking skin.

Dairy Free Diet:

A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness 5

Dairy comes under protein rich food, also most of the South Asian countries are lactose intolerant. Both of these problems together upset the stomach, age the skin or impose other side effects on skin like acne, etc.

Have Ginger:

A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness 6

Ginger is the main ingredient in their diet. Be it in the form of tea or in food, they enjoy taking ginger. Ginger has very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants help to reduce ageing signs. Anti-inflammatory properties help you reduce excessive bloating.

Least Amount of Sugar:

A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness 7

Their diet or recipes do not include a lot of sugar. Even if they want to go for desert, they mostly go for fresh fruits than a pastry. Their fancy desserts also include a lot of fruits, tofu, or nuts.


A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness 8

Tea is a regular beverage that they are fond of. We are not talking about the dairy driven, sugar loaded Anglo Indian tea, but a fragrant hot water based beverage. Ginger tea, Jasmine tea, green tea etc., are some of the examples of antioxidant rich, metabolism fastener liquids, which are a major part of their diet.

Beauty Regime:

A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness 9

Right now, there is a rage in American beauty market, in which they are introducing products enriched with same contents as Asian beauty products have. They are also introducing same beauty regime as their Asian counterparts. The beauty rituals that the rest of the world is introducing itself with is being followed by the Asians since ancient times.

There are many instruments which may appear bizarre to naive eyes but Asians are using them to enhance their looks. BB creams and CC creams are few more examples. Nobody can beat them in their efforts to take care of their health and looks.

A Guide You to Asian Youthfulness 010


Rituals, which they follow mainly, consist of natural ingredients. They do not use a lot of chemicals or are not a fan of artificial beauty products. It is said that their beauty regimes consist of ten steps namely:
• Pre cleanse (preferably oil cleansing).
• Again cleanse (foam cleansing).
• Exfoliation.
• Tightening with toner.
• Essences, a mist rich in vitamins, which helps in skin renewal.
• Apply serum (known as ampoule).
• Massage the skin or apply masks.
• Eye hydration.
• Deep hydration of skin.
• Putting on sleeping pack.

Phew!! That was a lot to take in. Guys, if you can have this much dedication towards your skin care in addition to cutting your caffeine, stress, alcohol levels, then nobody can stop you from looking 10 years younger!

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  1. Asian countries surely follow quite a healthy lifestyle and their food habits are healthier too that makes them blessed with great skin and body.

  2. Thier skin care steps are exhausting! I would not be able to reach 6th. But ya, we can learn a lot from them in terms of being physically fit and active. Thankfully, green tea has become an indispensable part of my life too.

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