A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Clear Skin

Sometimes stress, dust, pollution and changing seasons can take a huge toll on your skin. However, you can make your skin look great with some tender loving care every day. Reality is that you do not need extravagant beauty rituals for showing your skin all that love, it’s all about smart techniques that can make all the difference in the world. You do not need to spend hours and hours in front of that mirror, all you need is some time out of your coffee time each morning, and it will wake your skin up and make your skin look gorgeous and fresh all day long.

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Routine For Clear Skin:

1. Wash your face: It is not important to look at the ingredient list on your face wash, because it is all going to be washed off no matter what the ingredient. Dry skin beauties should cleanse each night, people with oilier skin should cleanse twice a day while following up with a moisturizer if the skin feels tight.
2. Use sunscreen: This skin care step is non-negotiable and cannot be skipped no matter what. Using SPF on a daily basis is important to prevent your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.
3. Use an anti-aging product: Retinol is extremely beneficial for the skin, so use an anti-aging product with retinol as it helps get rid of fine lines, dark spots and helps in improving the skin texture as well, makes the skin firm. Prescription retinols work both on acne and ageing concerns.

What can be skipped?

A separate eye-cream: If your regular moisturizer does not bother your eyes, then it is not necessary to use a separate eye cream. However, if you are usually concerned about your under-eye area, then using an eye cream is a good idea, I find it absolutely unnecessary though.

Skip the toner: Well, this is a skin care step that most people tend to avoid, or they just do not feel the need to use it, so skip it!

Breakfast Rituals:
Every morning, after you take a shower, do not pat dry. Your face will dry and look hydrated by the time you throw your clothes on. Skip the toner and moisturize right away , leave it on while you make yourself some delicious breakfast. Before you sip on that coffee or tea, slather some tinted sunscreen on your face which will give you the much-needed protection and coverage both, at the same time. You are good to head out for the day!

Night Rituals:
As the day comes to an end, keep your beauty routine simple, by removing all the dust, grime and makeup from the day with a cotton pad, and following up by cleansing with a mild cleanser.  Skip the toner.

Immediately moisturize your face with a good night cream or something that you normally use and use an eye cream if you need it, relax and unwind all your tiredness from the day by reading a book or watching TV.

Easy Skin Care Tips for all Lazy Girls:

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.
2. Do not use oil-based makeup products.
3. Practice double cleansing before you hit the bed.
4. Try to use at least one glycolic-acid based skincare product in your routine, face washes, face masks, ointments, and night creams come with glycolic acid up to 10% concentration.
5. Use homemade masks at least once a week – here are some masks that you could try.

See, it is that easy to make your skin look beautiful! It’s always good to spend some extra time on your skin, however, on days when you do not feel like doing anything, it is as easy as 1-2-3, after all our grandmothers spent their entire lives using that tub of cold cream and still managed to look amazingly beautiful!

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