How To Accessorize Cotton Sarees

How To Accessorize Cotton Sarees

How To Accessorize Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are a boon for the hot summer days.  It imparts an ethnic look to your entire being and is very comfortable to wear. It makes you look dignified and at the same time, you would remain so comfy that you would not regret draping yourself in it. Whether you go shopping or you go to office, whether you attend a morning family function or a parent-teachers’ meeting in your child’s school, nothing can be better than a cotton saree! There are certain professional areas that make wearing sarees sort of compulsory, in one way or the other. For instance, if you are a teacher or a professor or you are working in a corporate office where employees in saree command extra-respect, you may wear a crisp cotton saree and be at ease the day long! But sarees give your looks an extra edge when you know how to pair them up with the right kind of accessories. In this article, I would like to share with you some of my personal ideas when it comes to accessorizing cotton sarees. Given that the season is summer, I could not keep myself from writing it as a necessity for every stylish Indian woman during these hot summer days.

Cotton Sarees

Accessories For Cotton Sarees:

In our day to day lives, the accessories we love to pair with our outfits are jewelry, bags and shoes. Since cotton sarees are daily wear stuff and it is the hot summer season we are talking about, let me restrict myself to these three categories of accessories only.

Jewellery With Cotton Sarees:

Cotton Sarees

Whether you go for handloom cottons or for kalamkaris, chic pieces of silver jewelry can always work wonders. Be it any shade or color, printed or nude pastels, silver jewelry is something which adds a dimension to the way your look. You could opt for pure silver jewellery if you are ready to shell out a good amount of money or for oxidized silver plated fashion jewellery if you want to keep your budget low. Oxidized silver jewellery can be procured at a price as low as Rs. 50 for a set of neck piece, earrings and bangles. Go for earthy designs since they impart a different aura about you while you still keep yourself rooted to the “everyday style” mantra.

Cotton Sarees

Love the color of bronze? This is a perfect place to show your love. Lots and lots of dorkra jewellery is now available in bronze and you just need to pick a few chic pieces. Since they come in a range of styles, there is one to suit the style statement of each one of you. You get a decent set of bronze dokra set starting from a range of Rs. 150.

Cotton Sarees

(I got this particular set of mine from City Centre, Kolkata. The neckpiece costs Rs. 160, the bangles Rs. 120 and the ear studs Rs. 60. I personally feel that bronze dokras go great with cotton sarees in dark pastel shades).

If you do not favor dokras so much and yet love bronze, why not go for solid stuff in the same metal? These days the owl lockets are so much in craze! They look extremely trendy and at the same time, come in affordable prices. You can also get other designs to suit your taste as there are hundreds of them available.

Cotton Sarees

(I got my owl neck piece from Pantaloons (Avani Mall, Howrah) for Rs. 299 I guess and the bangle for Rs. 50 from Darskinapan, Kolkata).

You can also wear terracotta jewellery, multicolored beaded neck pieces and wooden pieces of ornaments with cotton sarees.

Bags with Cotton Sarees:

Cotton Sarees

Cotton jholas in vibrant colors as well as in multicolored earthy tones, pouch bags with handiwork, jute bags and jute-cotton handbags with thread designs look beautiful when paired with cotton sarees. I think leather bags can be kept for formal wears and sequenced clutches can be kept for gaudy sarees. When it comes to cotton sarees, such “low profile” bags turn out to be grand choices! They are easily available in a variety of colors and styles within a range of Rs. 100 to Rs. 400.

Shoes with Cotton Sarees:

Jute sandals, jute shoes and flats with straps look good with cotton sarees. Jute sandals are not only comfortable but also affordable. You get them in decent styles in different emporiums and trade fairs in a range of Rs. 150 to 400.

P.S.:  This article is entirely based on a personal idea of styling and accessorizing.

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26 thoughts on “How To Accessorize Cotton Sarees

  1. gorgeous jewelry. i find i look even plumper in cottons. 🙁 but they r really perfect in the summer and can look very lovely with the right accesories.

    btw, Fashionandyou had some nice inexpensive jewelry today..

    1. thanx Aru… developed this love very lately 🙂 aru..try kalamkaris from State Emporiums,….. and im sure u wont look plump in them 🙂 I have my account in FnU but somehow i havent purchased anything from them ever….

    1. Thank you Prati….i love such cotton sarees and i have at least 8 or 9 of them. but i just had to restrict myself to only 3 here 🙁 love Dokras and silver jwelry too!!!!!!! i keep investing in them 😛

  2. Very very informative post Somreeta, basically we buy chunks, but fail to pair them with right attires. Thanks for the ideas given. The fourth pic I suppose is of a Bahamoni saree, it has lovely hues 🙂

    1. im glad u liked my ideas piya 🙂 actually, im not sure about the name as i got it as a gift. tis black with multicolored borders…100% cotton 🙂

    1. tanx Indrani…. 🙂 i wish i could share my whole lot of jwelry collection with you here… i love dokras and silver!! and even terracotta…they come so cheap and yet look so good!

  3. I never look good in cotton sarees, it will make me to look 10 years older 😥 i wont to wear it properly also, i will crush it 🙁
    Only synthetic/chiffon sarees suits me, please do a post on that somareeta 🙂

    1. O shami… happened with me as well!!! actually u gotta look for the right ones acc to ur body type. i feel emporiums r the best place and u get them in super soft qualities…u can also go for cotton matkas though they r not 100% cotton! they r super manageable and look lovely! 🙂 i do have plans for chiffon and synthetics…lets see 🙂

  4. Somreeta…..lovely article… mom loves cotton sarees a lot and that’s what she is buying nowadays….she has ditched silk sarees 🙂

    1. ahahaha!!! loved the ‘ditched’ part Jomol 😛 even my mom loves them too…..its always so hot in kolkata!!! actually cottons r cottons and silks r silks….they r unique and irreplaceable! hai na??? 🙂 🙂

  5. such an awesome post somreeta. I pairing of silver / junk jewlery along with cotton sarees. 🙂 you have such pretty collection. :))

  6. Nice article Somreeta..I never prefer cotton sarees,becus it imparts an elderly look..but now I agree,it all depends on how you accessorize and how you carry it..

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