Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7

Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing an Eyeshadow from the brand Accessorize. It is one of the marbleized eye shadows which is called Merged Eyeshadow in Accessorize. I knew about this brand but wasn’t aware that they have cosmetics too until I saw them online. Before getting this single Eyeshadow, I brought a trio and loved it (except the fact that it was costly). The one I have today is a single eye shadow and the shade is called golden caramel.
Product quantity: 3 g

Price: Rs. 800 (luckily I got this on a huge discount and it cost me only around Rs 265)

Packaging: It comes in a round transparent packaging with the brand name written on the lid with golden color. It has a flip open lid is sufficiently tight and will not open until a little effort is applied. This makes it very safe to carry and travel friendly. The packaging is sturdy.
Ingredients: List of ingredients is mentioned on the back of the shadow

Product Description:

Get a youthful, charming and lively look for any party applying this beautiful eye shadow from Accessorize that promises to enhance the seductiveness of your eyes. Smooth to apply, it promises to stay long without causing any irritation to your skin or eyes.

My take on Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7

Color: Golden Caramel is a beautiful peachy Eyeshadow with shades of white and bronze marbleized together. When all the shadows are swirled together the result is a peachy pink color with a pearly shine. The shadow also has minute sized silver shimmer particles which make it even more beautiful. It is an ideal color for the situations where I need brightness on my lids without making it too bold and bright. The color can also be used with a darker shade to for parties. I personally loved the color for inner corners and as a highlight.

Pigmentation: I loved the pigmentation of the color. It is not a very bold color and so it does not look overdone even if applied more. Blending decreases the color a bit but the shine it provides looks amazing.


Texture: Texture wise the shadow is not silky smooth, instead the small particles can be felt if the shadow is touched using a finger. But the color is very easy to blend and not very difficult to apply. There is almost no fallout and so no glitter is seen anywhere except the lids.
Staying power: The color has an average staying power of 2-3 hours after which the color almost fades but the pearly finish still remains on the lid. The staying power as well as the intensity of the color can be increased by using a base before using the shadow.

Overall experience: overall I loved the product due the way it looks in the pan and the effect it gives to my lids, the product is pretty decent in every aspect. But the price is on a higher side, 800 Rs for a single Eyeshadow is a little too much.


Pros of Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7

• Beautiful shimmery color, marbleized look makes it even more beautiful
• Can be used during days or during night for parties to get that shimmery effect
• Instantly brighten up the eyes
• Sturdy packaging
• Travel friendly
• Good pigmentation


Cons of Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7

• Pricey
• Average staying power

Would I buy Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7?

At full price I will not buy it again, but for the way it looks and the quality it provides I might try some other color but only if I get a chance to buy it on discount

Do I recommend Accessorize Golden Caramel Merged Eyeshadow 7?

It’s a beautiful product and so worth a try…..but try to get a deal to enjoy the product completely without any regrets

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. yes….they look so similar….the only difference is in that one the darker color is more prominent and in this one the lighter one is more prominent 🙂

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