Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

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I am just obsessed these days with getting the perfect sculpted face like many actresses and mainly after seeing Rati mam’s amazing pictures. So I decided to achieve the look with a few tips to get the flawless picture perfect look.

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

• Prime Your Face Well

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

I believe that you should invest in a really good primer because that is the base of your makeup and it holds everything together. To get a picture perfect look you need a primer to minimize your pores. I find that Benefit’s Porefessional, Garnier’s 5 second blur, Maybelline’s baby skin primer is best for this purpose. All these have been already reviewed on IMBB.

• Use a Light to Medium Coverage Foundation:

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

Yes you read it right! I am sure you guys are wondering why use a light to medium coverage foundation when we want picture perfect makeup? Use a light to medium coverage foundation because most of the heavy coverage foundation feels heavy on your skin and we still have a lot of more products to use so we really do not want to start heavy. Make sure you use a foundation which has very low content or no content of spf in it or it will make you look ghastly in pictures. Some of which are the Makeup forever hd foundation, Revlon whipped foundation.

• Conceal It All!

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

Using your Holy Grail concealer to hide imperfections like age spots, acne marks, dark circles or anything else which you need to conceal. I will recommend using a full coverage concealer which will not budge at all. I suggest MAC’s prolongwear concealer, LA girl Pro conceal, Lakme Face stylist concealer.

• Keep Your Eyes All Sharp and Edgy:

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

Now for the eyes just use a bold eyeliner look. You may use The Body shop skinny eyeliner, Maybelline’s gel eye liner or whatever you wish to use. After that just use a slightly warm brown eyeshadow or if you have any bronzer, just dust it on your crease so your eyes will also look contoured. Do not forget to apply loads of mascara. Use mascara which gives length and volume at the same time. You can try the Maybelline lash sensation mascara or the perversion mascara by Urban Decay.

• Blush it up!

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

Use a blush which is not too coral or pink in shade. Use ay blush which gives a bronzed effect to your face. If you do not have anything like that then use any blush with low pigmentation over your bronzer. You can definitely check the Rimmel 3 in 1 blush in summer fever, Maybelline’s cheeky glow blush in creamy cinnamon, MAC’s harmony.

• Bronze, bronze, bronze and Contour:

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

I totally recommend using cream bronzer to get the ultimate sculpted look. With cream bronzer you can get properly chiseled look and if you want you can intensify the contour like Angelina sported in maleficent. For me it was a bit too much but if you are brave enough to carry the strong contoured look, just go ahead and do it. Make sure to blend it all properly by using any dense contouring brush Like the ELF studio contour brush or the Sephora contour blender brush. For cream bronzer I will recommend Bourjois bronzing primer, Soleil tan de Chanel, NYX stick bronzer. Do not forget to contour the jawline as that will camouflage your double chin if you have any.

• Highlight:

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

Highlight your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose area and above your upper lips. Do not use any glittery highlighter use a highlight which gives a beautiful sheen to your face and which glows whenever any light hits on your face. You can use the Laura Mercier Matte radiance baked powder highlight in 01, ELF baked highlighter in any shade you want to choose.

• Beautiful Lips:

Achieve Picture Perfect Look Using These Tips!

First of all prep your lips by scrubbing all the flakiness away and moisturizing it at the beginning of your makeup so the lip balm hydrates your lips properly. When the rest of your face is complete, wipe off your balm and apply any nude colored or bold red colored lip liner. You may use Rimmel exaggerate lip liner or MAC’s pro longwear lip pencil. Top it off with any liquid lipstick to get the perfect velvet lips. Use Too Faced melted lipstick or MUA Luxe velvet lip lacquer.

I hope you guys find it helpful and use these tips when you need them.

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  1. Wow! These are amazing tips Iqra! I don’t think I’m daring enough to pull of Angelina Jolie’s look but I do like the idea of using a bronzer on the crease 😀

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