Acne Face Mapping and Solutions

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Acne, is something we all fear of! I have had them in my teenage years and it is really not a good time! Since most of us, have entered in our mid-twenties, our pimples have faded but sometimes there are repetitive acne, irrespective of using any kind of creams or treatment, they do not go! And that is when Acne Face mapping comes into picture!


What is Acne Face mapping?

Acne Face mapping, is a technique used by dermatologists and professionals to determine the root cause of acne, when they realize that it isn’t just a skin issue! The technique is based on traditional Chinese medicinal way of treating ailments using face.

When you should consider Acne Mapping?

If you are having pimples often in a certain part of your face and if you are not on your periods or ovulation you should consider this. Most of the pimples that occur, should vanish within 3 days and just a home remedy should fade them away but if they are reoccurring often, then it is time to reconsider.

Is a professional required?

Acne mapping, is a simple procedure and you can do it yourself but if you still have issues even after a month of trying, then I would recommend visiting a dermatologist!
I have tried few methods and have come up with a detailed solution. It worked for me and I hope it works for you too! So, let’s face map!


I do not have severe acne on my face and I had pimples often on my forehead and left cheek. I have tried the above mentioned routine and it has helped me! There are chances that this could also due to other issue so, if you have severe acne, a professional will give you the right and best answer!
I have broken up the face in zones where pimples occur most. If you have used a new face product and you get pimples later it is obvious it is due to the issue. Stop the cream, wait for a week and then analyze the face.

Zone 1: Forehead and between brows:


Frequent pimples in this region indicates issues with your digestive system and liver. This issue could be due to the fact, that you are eating food that it slowing down the digestive mechanism.


• Cut down sugar, nicotine, soda, processed food.
• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables high in water content.
• Exercise for 15-30 min outdoors.
• Drink plenty of water to flush toxins.
• Cut down munching late in night.
• Eat foods that cool you down like buttermilk, cucumbers, and melons.
• Maintain a good sleep routine. Follow 10pm-6am sleep routine and thus getting good 8 hours sleep.
• If you oil your hair in the nights, wear a band so that the oily hair is away from your face even when you sleep.
• Opt for low fat diet.
• Take lot of fiber.
• Do a colon cleansing and a liver cleansing once in a week.

Zone 2: Nose


Frequent pimples in Nose region indicates issues related to hypertension and blood pressure and thus issues related to heart.


• Start cardio exercises.
• Cut down very spicy food and fat.
• Check Vitamin B levels in your body.
• Cut down on meat and pungent foods.
• Eat food that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like Almond, Flax seeds, nuts.
• Get plenty of fresh air.
• Check BP Regularly and reduce intake of salt.

Zone 3: Cheeks


Frequent pimples in Nose region indicates issues related to Respiratory System.


• Cut smoking if you do.
• Use headsets instead of your phone touch your cheeks and change pillow covers often
• Avoid stress.
• Avoid food that are acidic in nature.
• Eat loads of greens and wheatgrass juice.
• Cut down junk food.
• Keep your gums and teeth clean by flossing and brushing twice a day as the pimples can also represent poor dental hygiene.

Zone 4: Chin and lips:


Frequent pimples in Nose region indicates issues Hormonal Imbalance.


• Drink herbal homemade teas like Tulsi tea, peppermint tea etc.
• Relax and manage stress.
• Learn meditation and practice.
• Drink water and keep skin clean.
Exercise at least 20 min and try yoga.
• Massage your abdomen in circular motions as this induces relaxation.
• Take Omega-3 to regulate hormones.
• Get your hormone level checked.
• Keep a tab on your periods and ovulating cycle.

Hope you can solve the issues with pimples following the above easy steps. I did!
More power!

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