AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Brush Could End Your Acne Woes

AcneFree Advanced Cleansing Brush


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Moving on to the review, today I’ll be reviewing AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush.


Product Description:

AcneFree offers a complete line of highly effective acne treatment products. We’re at the forefront of the science of acne treatment and prevention – and we’re here to share our knowledge with you, so you can better understand your acne, get better control over it and move on with your life.
Advanced Cleaning Brush with 2 speeds. Ultra-soft bristles gently exfoliate and deep clean pores. Perfect complement to any AcneFree system. The Advanced Cleansing Brush cleans deep to unclog pores, remove impurities and exfoliate your skin.

  • Deep cleans skin
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup trapped in pores
  • Helps skin absorb treatments
  • Reduces oily areas
  • Gently exfoliates

Packaging: It comes in a cardbox box with a plastic casing inside it. Includes an extra brush head and 2 AA batteries.

AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush 3

Price: $15.

Directions: Use once a day. Dampen skin, rinse brush unit and pat dry to remove excess water before attaching to the brush unit. Apply any cleanser, spreading a dime sized amount evenly over the brush surface. Gently massage over face for approximately 60 seconds, concentrating on the troubled areas.

AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush 2

My Say On AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush:

Though my facial skin is dry with an oily T-zone, it is super-duper sensitive. When we moved here a couple of months back, I had terrible breakouts. Nothing seem to work on my skin. Even the products which I was using way back in India doesn’t seem to suit me at all and did not bring any relief to my worries and troubled skin. I was on lookout for good cleanser, lotion, cream…anything and everything that could bring some relief to me.

I had heard a lot about the Clarisonic cleansing brush and its effectiveness but then it is way too pricey. So while browsing the aisles in my local store, I spotted this brush. A little search on Google and I found quite good reviews of the brush and bought it immediately. Needless to say,I used it the same day. And was surprised to find out how much dirt, grime and residue was left on my face even after using my cleanser. I could see it all on the brush. It left my face squeaky clean and I could see change in my skin just in a few days.

In the first look, the brush looked too rough and abrasive but when I touched the bristles, they were very soft. They gently exfoliate and deep clean the pores. The moisturizer sinks better in my skin after using the brush. The brush head rotates in clockwise direction and works on 2 speeds. I mostly use low speed and use high only on selective parts such as forehead and neck. I am using it around 1-2 times a week from past 3 months and it has made a lot of difference to my skin and breakouts.

After use, I remove the brush head from the brush unit, rinse it thoroughly and keep it aside for drying. The brush is not supposed to be used in shower as the water seepage in the body would kill it.

AcneFree suggests to use this brush with any AcneFree cleanser, but you can use it with any other cleanser as well. The brush is not too big, approximately the size of the palm and is travel friendly.

I won’t compare it to the Clarisonic since I have not used that but anyone who is looking for a cheaper option for cleansing brush can surely give this a try.

AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush 1

Pros of AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush:

  • Deep cleans skin and gently exfoliates
  • Improves texture of skin over time
  • Reduces acne by cleaning pores
  • Inexpensive as compared to other cleansing systems
  • Easy to clean brush head
  • Comes with an extra brush head

Cons of AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush:

  • Availability
  • High speed can be harsh on skin
  • Can irritate skin if exfoliated for more than stipulated time

AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush 5

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush?

I wouldn’t repurchase it since it would last me a long time with the extra brush head.
But I would definitely recommend this to girls who are looking for an inexpensive cleansing brush.

AcneFree Advanced Cleaning Brush 4


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  1. Bakul, thanks sooo much for the review. The description and design matches the Olay Regenerist brush and works the same way I guess. Very well reviewed Bakul 🙂

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