Acrylic Bangles Wrapped in Silk Thread

Acrylic Bangles Wrapped in Silk Thread

Hi girls! Today I am writing a fashion article and I hope you all like it. I have always had an inclination towards bangles. Metal, plastic, glass, you name the material and you get it!

The clinging of the bangles is liked by some and disliked by others. A lot of Hindi songs are inspired by the cling-cling sound of the bangles (Chhan-Chhan-Chhan) The times have changed so has the fashion. Nowadays fashion and comfort go hand in hand. Replacing the traditional bangles are acrylic light weight bangles wrapped in silk thread.

acrylic bangles wrapped in silk thread

They are extremely comfortable to wear and also very convenient. It goes pretty well with Indian as well as western outfits. Be it Saree, Kurti, Salwar-kameez, jeans, western dresses; these bangles suit all of them.

blue bangles

Great ones for the working women. The real plus point in these bangles is the light weight when compared to the glass or metal ones.


You won’t even feel as if you are wearing bangles seriously. Moreover, Glass tends to break easily and may cause injuries.

differently-shaped bangles

I can easily spot these type of bangles and kadas in the fancy stores. It gives a very sober yet chic look. The colours are eye catching as the material is wrapped in a silky thread.

pink bangles

I guess these bangles are a rage. Teenage girls will surely find it easy to manage and make their moms happy at the same time :p. Stylish, contemporary and in vogue; this fashion is here to stay. I feel every girl needs to have at least a dozen of these pretty bangles. I feel these are pocket friendly and easily available too. So girls what are you waiting for???

acrylic bangles

Here are some more pics, enjoy!!!

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27 thoughts on “Acrylic Bangles Wrapped in Silk Thread

  1. Vinita..I love these thread woven bangles..:) Infact i am looking for such silk threads to wrap my bangles that have become old..

  2. I have them and love them.. I have 3 Dozens In different Colors… Looks Chic When Worn With Cotton Materials… 🙂

  3. I luv to wear such bangies but d only problem with them is its thread end will open up after sometime and then it becum unwearable. What shud we do to fix it?

    1. They simply look awesome :)… but over a period of time it does become unwearable. The best tip is to prevent them from getting wet

  4. I love such bangles and off late i found that these are super easy to make. I need to buy the silk thread. If any one knows where i can get silk threads at chennai or online pl lemme know. i am having hard time finding those..

    1. Raji,I think you get them in Mint Street and check..I’m just lazy and dont get time to travel so far and hunt for these threads..
      I will have to check Pondy Bazar and Purasaivakkam..

      1. Thanks Rama… 🙂 ll check there.. i searched teh shops of pondy bazaar in vain. if u find any shop selling those in pondy bazzar lemme know. its so near for me

        1. hey raji rama,
          pondy bazar is screaming of these bangles. You can get them in every variety and colors! And the proces are so low! I had a huge haul on them
          do check out

  5. The important thing is it never traps your hidden hairline on your arms if they are not waxed, which most of glass bangle does, good article indeed

  6. wow vinitia, you really have inspired me to pick these up the next time I go to market. I have worn these bangles a lot during college days but somehow lost interest in them over the ears. guess must give these a fresh start again. 🙂

  7. Vinita I first saw them when I had been to Chennai and picked up few sets of these bangles in different colors and some also had silk thread wrapped earings to match with it.. I will look for them again it is quite easily available in Mumbai now.. 🙂

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