8 Acupressure Points for Brides-to-Be to Bust Wedding Stress

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Wedding stress is something that almost all brides-to-be face, in the weeks and months before and even after the big day. It is always good to have a de-stressing routine and to follow it up regularly. So if you are a bride-to-be or if you know someone who has her big day approaching, these acupressure points should be a great start to the pre-wedding routine.

Acupressure points

1. Temples

It is a slightly flat area on either side of the head, behind the eye and forehead, above the zygomatic arch and in front of the ear. Pressing in the temples with middle fingers helps relieve headache and promotes relaxation.

2. Third eye

third eye
Using your first two fingers and thumb, gently pinch the area of your forehead right between your eyebrows, and tilt your head down. Hold for at least a minute. You can also press or gently tap your third eye to relieve stress and feel calm.

3. Below eyebrows

Press gently on the area between the inner corners of your eyebrows under the ridge and the side of your nose to help relieve sinus pressure, headaches and tension.

4. Gushing spring (Yongquan)

Locate a tender spot on the sole of your foot, right at the midline. Press down with your thumb.

5. Divine Gate ear point (Shenmen)

It is a point so powerful that it treats almost everything – stress, depression, anxiety etc. This is one of the most powerful points used in auriculotherapy.

6. Tai chong

Tai chong
Locate this point at two thumb widths above the gap between big toe and 2nd toe. Press for a minute and breathe deeply or you can even tap on it.

7. Behind shin bone

back of leg
Locate this point behind the shin bone at 4-finger width above the ankle. It is a great stress buster and also helps relieve your leg muscles from all the day’s stress of walking and running about.

8. Hegu

Locate this point on the dorsum of your hand, at the level between first and second metacarpal bones or at two fingers width from the gap between thumb and index finger. This point is also known to help regulate blood pressure.

Also keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water, choose a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly to complete your stress busting routine for your big day. Take care!

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