Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser Review



Skin type: Dry-combination; sensitive and acne prone

Hello beauties!

I loved Acure Moroccan Argan Oil when I used it. And since then, I wanted to pick this face cleanser. But it was not available in the stores. The claims that it is specifically meant for sensitive skin drew me towards it. Also, the impressive ingredients list was one more reason why I wanted to try it out. I have really sensitive skin and I am always cautious about trying new skin care products since I break out at the drop of a hat. Let us find out how this one fared.

Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser Review

Product Description:
Don’t be so sensitive! Take a deep breath and relax with this soothing blend of organic argan oil, peony stem cell + sunflower amino acids. This gentle creamy cleanser will have your face feeling calm, clean and collected.

USD 9.99 for 4 fl oz/118 ml (excluding any shipping and taxes)


My Experience with Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser:

Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Peony Stem Cell + Sunflower Amino Acids comes in a tube which has a transparent flip top cap. The cap shuts tight and should hold itself while traveling. It has a small nozzle from which you can squeeze the product out.

The product is pearly white in color. The consistency is not thick and creamy, instead it is a bit runny. The face cleanser has a very bitter-herbal fragrance. Well, it is a synthetic fragrance-free so that is the fragrance of the concoction of all the ingredients. I am not a fan of the fragrance, but I am habitual now and it doesn’t bother me anymore.


The face cleanser is pricey as compared to other drugstore cleansers. The tube looks huge, but it is only 4 oz of product we are getting inside it. Only a pea size amount is required per use (the amount shown in the swatch is good enough for a single use, for face and neck), so this tube would last me long.

Now coming to the performance – the facial cleanser lathers very lightly. It produces a subtle, silky foam. It cleanses my skin of all the dirt and grime accumulated through the day. It does not remove full makeup (well, it doesn’t claim to do that either!). But I use this after I cleanse off my makeup, and it takes care of any residue left. It cleanses my pores thoroughly too and my toner pad always comes out clean. 🙂


But this one is not good enough for eye makeup removal, any washable mascara or eyeliner; this product is simply not for them. No, it removes them effectively but it stings like hell. I tried washing my mascara off with this and my eyes literally cried. So I use a different cleanser for my eyes. Too much task! But I stay at home and do not wear makeup on daily basis, so it works fine for me.

It does not break me out, but it does not do anything to calm my acne as well. But it calms my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin squeaky clean, but does not strips off all the moisture. My skin does not feel stretchy and I do not have to run for the moisturizer. 😉 My hubby uses it more than I do. He has normal skin and he is all praise for the product. Normally he is least bothered about a product until it is too bad or too good and this one surely makes it to his “too good” list. 😀


Pros of Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser:

• Sulphate, paraben, phthalate, silicone free.
• Cruelty free.
• 100% biodegradable.
• Gluten free, girls sensitive to gluten – take notice. 😉
• Soothes my sensitive skin.
• Cleanses my skin of all the gunk and makeup residue.
• Does not break me out.
• Makes my skin squeaky clean.
• Does not make my skin dry or stretchy.
• Impressive ingredients list.

Cons of Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser:

• Stings badly, not for eye makeup removal.
• The fragrance is not good.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser?
I like this product. There is no drastic change in my skin, but this product is 100% biodegradable and does not gets accumulated as a big ball of silicones and sulphates, so I might repurchase it. I would surely recommend it to girls with sensitive skin.

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