A-Derma Foaming Gel Review

A-Derma Foaming Gel Review

Dear Beauties,

In the recent past, my skin was going bonkers.  It was becoming dry and irritated. My chin and lip area were becoming dry and I took the advice of my dermatologist.  He asked me to stop the face wash I was using and prescribed a soap-free face wash and the Cetaphil moisturizer.

A-Derma Foaming Gel Review

The name A- Derma was literally new to me.  I was initially sceptic about taking it, but I trusted my doctor and went for it. However, I’m sharing a little knowledge on the brand.

A-DERMA is the first dermo-cosmetic brand with a natural plant-based active ingredient, Rhealba® oat, that takes care and protects fragile and delicate skin.This originates from the United Kingdom.

Read further to know how it worked for me:

Product Description:

Care for atopic and very dry skin with the A-Derma Oat Milk Soap Free Foaming Gel, a caring formulation that can be used on both the face and the body.  The soap-free formulation makes cleansing a gentle
experience. Added soothing ingredients calm irritated and rough skin in babies, children and adults alike.

Aderma 1

The Oat Milk Soap Free Foaming Gel provides skin with all of the comfort, suppleness and softness it needs. Rhealba Oat extract, rich in polyphenols, regulates the release of substances that can lead to skin irritation. Moisturising glycols ensure that the skin is well protected and constantly hydrated. Its physiological balance is restored, and your skin feels smooth once more.


Rs. 349 for 100 ml.


Aderma 2

Sans Paraben, yay!!

My Take on A-Derma Foaming Gel:

The foaming gel comes in a white bottle with a flip open cap. This bottle is sturdy and travel friendly. There are no chances of leakage and breakage.  The consistency of the face wash is in between thick and runny. I would say semi runny. Its a transparent fluid. The face was has a very mild fragrance, a pleasant one.  I like face washes with a mild fragrance.

Aderma 3

This is a soap-free gel and there comes the difficulty. It doesn’t lather much. You need to work out in your palms for it to lather pretty good and I am impressed. This is the best ever face wash I ever used. It removes off dirt from your skin, leaving the skin soft and supple. It doesn’t give that stretchy feel and this is going to be apt for sensitive skin. A very gentle face wash.

Aderma 4

Though it doesn’t give that squeaky clean feel, but its pretty good at cleansing and nourishing the skin. Note, I’m oily skinned, but my skin is irritated due to allergies and I use this and I am happy with the results. Whenever I go for my HG face wash, Clean and Clear, it makes my skin stretchy and dry, but this foaming gel is awesome.

Aderma 5

The product claims to be safe on babies, but I have not tried on my son. So, cannot comment. Otherwise, its true to its claims.

Aderma 6

What I Like about A-Derma Foaming Gel:

  • Sans parabens, isn’t that great?
  • Soap-free face wash.
  • Apt for sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Doesn’t take out the moisture from your skin.
  • Makes skin soft and nourished.

What I Do Not Like about A-Derma Foaming Gel:

  • Lathering is an issue.  Its more difficult in the brackish water of Chennai.
  • Availability, very few chemists sell this brand.

Will I Repurchase A-Derma Foaming Gel?

Definitely yes.

IMBB Rating:


This is a paraben-free, soap-free foaming face wash, suitable for irritated, sensitive skin, giving a clean look, leaving your skin soft and nourished. It doesn’t drain out the moisture from your skin or give that stretchy and dry feel.  If you are looking for a good foaming gel, analyze your skin with your dermatologist and take his/her suggestion before using it.

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14 thoughts on “A-Derma Foaming Gel Review

  1. I’ve used this once.. It was awesome, but I wasn’t able to lay on my hands on it again. Availability is a huge issue. I’m in Chennai too, where did you buy it?

    After that, I shifted to Nexcare Acne Foaming Wash. It’s absolutely amazing too 🙂

    Awesome review 🙂

  2. When i suffrred With my pimples ,i went to a skin speacialist And she prescribed a- derma….and now i got a very clear skin and became very fare aswel…. Thsnk u so much a derma

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