Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women Review

Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women Review

Hello everyone,

I love trying out different shower gels and just can’t get enough of them. Do you feel the same girls? Well, so far, I had only tried Adidas deodorants and perfumes, but never tried their shower gels and I was tempted to try at least one. I totally fell for the lime green colour of this shower gel.


Product Description:

Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel For Women developed with athletes. This product enriched with caffeine. Its soap free.

How To Use:

Massage under the shower to help improve skin tonicity and smoothness.


Rs. 200 for 250 ml.


Shower Gel For Women 2

Shelf Life:

30 months.


I quite like the packaging. It is sturdy and the cap fits tight to the bottle making it leakproof and hence travel-friendly.

My Take on Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women:

I opted for this product as I read product description which says that it has caffeine and also that it is soap free and then it is also a sports shower gel which I had never really tried before. So, this combination tempted me to try it out.

Shower Gel For Women 3

Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel is lime green in colour and it has greenish blue tiny particles in it which I believe act as scrubbing agents and they call it as “massage pearls.” Coming to the fragrance, this shower gel has fresh fruity fragrance, something I absolutely adore when it comes to bath and body products and perfumes too.

I was very excited to try this shower gel and I had a lot of expectations from this product, but it did not fulfill my expectations.  First of all, the goody good fruity fragrance does not last long. Okay, I don’t expect it to linger on for hours together, but it should at least linger on for 15-20 minutes, but no, the fragrance starts diminishing as soon as you wash it off your body. Also, it says it has caffeine, it doesn’t smell anywhere close to caffeine: /

Shower Gel For Women 4

This shower gel is quite thick in consistency, not too runny. It lathers quite well, not that it will end up being foamy, but that is evident as this shower gel is soap free. Now as per the claims, it improves skin’s tonicity and smoothness. Well, I didn’t experience any smoothness as such. It did not dry out my skin but yes I did feel the need of using a moisturiser after using this shower gel.

Shower Gel For Women 8

Overall, it is just an average shower gel and I feel that Lux and Palmolive body washes do a much better job than this one.  Well, I am not too sure if Adidas has other variants of shower gels for women, but if they do, I will try them.

Pros of Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women:

  • Fruity fragrance.
  • Soap free.
  • Thick consistency gel.
  • Leakproof packaging and hence travel friendly.

Cons of Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women:

  • Doesn’t make the skin smooth.
  • Fragrance does not last long.

IMBB Rating:

  • Average shower gel.

Will I Repurchase Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women?

No, never, but I will check for other variants meant for women

Do I Recommend Adidas Body Fitness Shower Gel for Women?

No, I don’t.

Thank you ladies for reading this article. Have you used this shower gel? If yes, how did you all find it? Also, I would be grateful to you all if you could suggest some shower gels from Adidas that you have used and liked.

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