Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT Review

Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT

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I am going to review a perfume for you guys today. It is from ADIDAS named as “Floral Dream”. They also have a deodorant with same name which is already reviewed on the blog. I am really nervous to review this product as I have absolutely no idea how to describe a fragrance. I mean it is easy for me to say something about a color or texture, but this is something different. Hope you all can relate to my review to some extent.

Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT

Product Description: Floral Dream by Adidas is an invigorating Eau de Toilette for women. Launched in the year 2005 and created by Jean Pierre Bethouart, it has a sweet flowery fragrance.Open the cap and press the nozzle to spray it over your underarms, wrist and neck to feel a lingering fragrance all through the day.

Ingredients: Gillyflower, Bergamot, Lily, Vanilla ,Tonka Bean, Rose.

Price: INR 499 for 50ml.

My take on Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT:

Adidas Floral Dream EDT comes in an elegant transparent spray bottle with a plastic cap. As it is a glass bottle, it is not travel friendly. I have been using this for past few months and more than half of my bottle is empty by now. There have been no issues with nozzle spray ever and I am still able to get required amount of perfume in one press itself.

This fragrance has top notes of bergamot and gillyflower; a heart of rose and lily with a base of tonka bean and vanilla. The perfume has a very mild floral smell. I really can’t specify which flower it smells like exactly, but it surely smells as a mix of fresh natural flowers. It gives a very refreshing feeling. The fragrance is not at all over the top and can be a best suit for office use. It does not stain clothes either. It can be a good day as well as evening wear. I find the fragrance to be very sophisticated and at this price point it is a must have.


Though the smell is very mild, it keeps lingering around all day long and makes you feel good. I like how it keeps me revived at the end of a tiring office day. I have received compliments many a times when I was wearing this perfume.

Overall, I love this perfume. It is a classic floral and feminine fragrance. It has become a great alternative to my otherwise overly used deodorants. I only wish they come in a travel friendly packaging so that it can be carried inside our handbags easily.

Pros of Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT:

• Lovely floral fragnance.
• Reasonably priced.
• Smell lasts throughout the day.
• Does not stain the clothes.
• Easily wearable perfume for office/college.
• Availability. Adidas perfumes are easily available online. Thought price may vary from site to site.


Cons of Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT:

• Packaging is not travel friendly.
• Some may find the fragrance too mild. Though, for me it is just perfect.

Would I repurchase Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT:

Yes, of course. My current bottle is almost over and I have already ordered for another one. I so want to have a back up of this with me. I also want to try out other perfumes from ADIDAS now.

Would I recommend Adidas Floral Dream Women’s EDT:

I would highly recommend this perfume to all office / college going girls. If you are looking for a wearable mild fragranced perfume that can keep you refreshed whole day long, you should go grab this soon.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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