Adidas Fresh Escape Deodorant Review

Adidas Fresh Escape Deodorant

Hello IMBB!
We all have a hectic lifestyle and very tiring schedules which make us feel heavy and irritating at times. We are thus not able to concentrate on anything and just result in messed up things… 🙂
adidas fresh escape deodorant
When we are in such a state and this scorching heat from the sun acts like an icing on the cake, we need something that gives us a soothing, cooling and pleasant feeling.

I too wanted something that would keep me relaxed and calm the whole day in spite of heavy work pressures and upside down lifestyle.. My search ended with the product which I will be describing now. Of course this comes after the much needed cup of coffee or cardamom tea.. 🙂
The product being reviewed here is “A fresh and light fragrance for women”-Adidas Fresh Escape. The name itself is having freshness to it. On top of it the soothing color of the bottle makes the spraying even more sensual and happening.

What the Company Claims about the Product?
Adidas Fresh Escape is a new fragrance by the house of Adidas aiming at dynamic women who enjoy sporty and active lifestyle. The composition is based on fresh, fruity notes which bring us light and clean notes and positive emotions.

Top notes of Adidas Fresh Escape offer pink grapefruit and violet leaf. A heart encompasses fruity aromas of nectarine, sweet peas and rose, while base notes feature sandalwood, crystal musk and benzoin.
It’s clean and light fragrance is long lasting and keeps you fresh all day.

A brief description about the fragrance notes:
Pink Grapefruit: It is a citrusy fragrance with brilliant fruity aromas and fine bitter edges that can only be achieved by power of citruses.
Violet Leaf: The leaves give a very intensive lime aroma similar to one of the cut down grass combined with the tinge of cucumber.
Nectarine: This is type of fruit often erroneously believed to be a crossbreed between peaches and plums. Hence, this imparts a sweet-citrusy fragrance.
Sweet Peas: This is again a flowering plant of leguminous type.
Rest all are well known fragrances.. 🙂
Price: 200 INR for 150ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

My Experience with the Adidas Fresh Escape Deodorant

I am very-very experimental when it comes to perfumes and deodorants. I buy a new bottle every time I go to market even when it is not on my wish list. To begin with I am a person who can wear every type of fragrance depending on the mood and yes the occasion for sure. When it is for office wear, I prefer light, long lasting soft fragrances, mostly fruity/citrusy. When it comes to outings and picnics I love to wear sporty fragrances or cool fragrances. When I have to head for a party I need some floral and over the top fragrances.. 🙂

My recent buy was this deodorant from Adidas which is a light daily wear fragrance. I love the smell as it is citrusy floral but definitely not over the top. It is a sweet fragrance which will make you feel fresh the whole day. The fragrance is really nice and gives you a good jovial feeling on spraying. You need just a two-three sprays and you are done for the day. The smell will last for the whole day.

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Pros of Adidas Fresh Escape Deodorant

Very decent fragrance
Sophisticated enough for office use
Cute Packaging
From the house of Adidas
Long Lasting

Cons of Adidas Fresh Escape Deodorant

Could not find any

Final Verdict: Fragrances are very personal and I would say they depend on moods. The one which is good for me might not appeal that much to you. So please try well before buying. For floral/citrusy smell lovers this is a definite hit. I will buy some other variants from the same brand along with this one. Adidas deodorants have found a permanent place in my fragrance kit.

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