Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant

Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant

Hey Women,

Back to the review.  I am in love with this fragrance – “Fruity Rhythm!” I even find it seductive though I would admit many of you might find it a plain fruity fragrance and that is what it is. But it is a soft, gentle, sweet fragrance, perfect for summers and office.

Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant

Product Description:

Adidas Fruity Rhythms is a playful and energetic fragrance with top notes of raspberry and blackcurrant bud fused with the heart of freesia, cyclamen and rose. The base consists of sandalwood and musk.  Launched by the design house of Adidas in 2004, ADIDAS FRUITY RHYTHM by Adidas possesses a blend of Raspberry, Musk, Black Currant, Sandalwood, Freesia, Cyclamen.


Rs. 200

Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant

My Take on Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant:

I am in love with this product. I have reviewed Adidas Eau De Toilette from the same range and after using it, I decided to get the deo too. It is a wonderful deo. The fragrance lasts for long, at least as compared to many of its peers. The fragrance is neither overwhelming nor too light that it becomes unnoticeable. It is perfect and moreover the fragrance is also very suitable for office goers. I really love it and I am sure this is my HG deo from now.

Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant

Pros of Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant:

  • Very sweet, fruity and light fragrance.
  • Lasts for over 5-6 hours.
  • Suitable for summers and office.
  • Economic and easily available.
  • Fragrance is just perfect; neither too strong nor too light.

Cons of Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant:

  • None.

Do I Recommend Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorant?

Very well recommended to everyone.

Overall Rating:


I would like to share a fantastic finding with you all. The newest and the simplest dessert I tried last week. Found it online and tried it at home and it was amazing. Enjoy the pic. The dessert is called Lemon Posset and it tastes luxuriously delicious!

Lemon Posset

Many of you ask me the recipe of the dishes that I post here. So, to save you (and myself) from that hassle, I would like to tell you how to make it. Its really simple. Take fresh Amul cream in a bowl. Add 2-3 table spoon of sugar (its better to use powdered sugar as it will dissolve easily) to it. If you have thick granulated sugar, heat the cream with sugar on low flame for 2 minutes. Let it cool for sometime. Add 1 tea spoon (use according to taste) of lemon juice to it. You can also add vanilla essence or rose water for fragrance and flavor. Garnish with almonds. Let it chill for few hours. Serve cold. Binge on it. Savour every bite. Thank me for every spoon full of dessert that goes on your tongue.

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  1. I love lemon posset!!! 😀 😀
    I always add yellow food coloring to make it look more ‘lemony’.
    Good review, Surabhi! 🙂

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