Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette Review

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My closet is totally filled with some amazing fruity fragrances and the moment I open it, I jump into a world of sweet, juicy fruits! I keep a stock of some good, fresh smelling fragrances which make me smell different than usual, and also for the times when I get bored of such fruity fragrances. These two Adidas EDTs were an addition to that stock. I purchased two variants, one called “Fun Sensation” and this one is “Fizzy Energy”.

Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette Review1

Product Description:
A tall and sleek bottle for graceful femininity and easy handling. The name of the fragrance is colourful and boldly printed on the glass for a touch of modernity. Spray energy in your life with Fizzy Energy, a luminous fruity floral fragrance with sparkling facets arousing all the senses. Fizzy Energy is for a girl who is looking for fun and a boost of energy in her life. Confident and energetic, she is driven by her dynamism.

INR 599 for 50 ml

My Experience with Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette:

Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette Review

I have been really into Adidas fragrances for a long time now! Most of the VS and BBW scents are super sweet and when I need a break, I switch to such fresh perfumes. I picked up the Fun Sensation and this one because the packaging really had that fun and bubbly quotient. It comes in a bright lime and white box that looks super cute and fresh. It also has the fonts in green, blue, peach and hot pink that add a lot of spice to the packaging and make it look very gorgeous. The bottle of the EDT is long and sleek. It has a transparent, yet a lime colour hint to it and the cap and the nozzle come in a bright lime shade which makes it a complete good looking package. The bottle isn’t really big, hence this can definitely be carried around.

Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette Review2

The quantity, I felt, was low for the price because a lot of quantity is required to be sprayed at once. And, this will not last long. Coming to the fragrance, it is one of the must-haves when you are all drained up and need some energy and fun in life. It smells super refreshing and fruity the moment I start spraying it. It smells majorly of pink grapefruit along with low hints of fresh pineapple. After 20-30 minutes, it settles down to a powdery and musky fragrance which keeps us smelling good. Although, the scent wears off in a little time like 1 hour, the clothes keep smelling good. That sweaty smell will not come on your clothes for the entire day. It represents a very fun, bubbly, cheerful and energetic image of a woman.

Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette Review3

Give her anything and she will do it because she is bubbly and never gets bored! It reveals a flirty side of you, hence this is a really a good EDT to freshen up your mood. The sillage is experienced for around the initial 15-20 minutes and then it settles down to a musky scent. I think this is a very nice fruity fragrance for those who do not love very sweet fragrances. But, coming to the worst part, it does not stay more than an hour. Although I can smell slight hints, I cannot smell the fragrance completely. Hence, fragrance wise, I would give it full marks. But, for staying power, I think it could do much better! I really liked how Adidas experimented and innovated with different fragrances and all the variants are completely different from one another.

Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette Review4

Pros of Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette:

• Super fresh and colourful packaging in bright lime paired up with a few more vibrant colours  that make the packaging look absolutely gorgeous
• The bottle looks cute and has a sleek shape, so is very travel friendly
• The fragrance is really fresh and opens up with pineapple and juicy pink grapefruit fragrance (I love pink grapefruit fragrance) and settles to a powdery and musky smell
• A perfect, fruity smell that displays a very fun, energetic, modern and a flirty side of a woman
• The scent will stay on the clothes and will prevent the sweating smell
• Many variants available and each one has an amazing and a unique fragrance

Cons of Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette:

• The staying power is just as low as an hour
• The quantity is pretty low and will get used up within a few days
Deodorants have longer staying power

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Adidas Women Fizzy Energy Eau de Toilette?
Although, I am very much in love with the packaging and the awesome fragrances, I wouldn’t recommend this because of the staying power. The deodorants stay longer than this one. But, without any doubt, I am using it everyday.

IMBB Rating:

If Adidas increases the staying power of these little cuties, I would be the first one to get all of these because all of these have unique fragrances and I really love wearing fresh fragrances every single day!

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    1. Exactly arpita 🙁 I would have given it full marks if the fragrance would have stayed 🙁 but no point of the amazing smell.. because it just does not stay enough 🙁

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