Aesop Classic Shampoo & Conditioner Review

aesop classic shampoo

Aesop Classic Shampoo

Claims : This impressive shampoo provides careful cleansing for the scalp and hair, leaving the latter shiny, soft and freshened. Suited to all hair types.

Prior to shampooing, brush dry hair to loosen dirt and disentangle. Once hair is wet, pour a small amount into hands then gently massage onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly, expelling excess water before applying your preferred Aesop conditioner.

Price : USD 25 for 200 ml

I picked up a two types of shampoos and conditioners from Aesop. I have almost finished using the Classic Shampoo. It’s high time I reviewed it. 😀

aesop classic shampoo review,swatch

Ingredients :

aesop classic shampoo ingredients

My Experience with Aesop Classic Shampoo & Conditioner

Aesop cleansing shampoo is a lightweight everyday shampoo. It has a clear gel like texture. It is a very gentle everyday shampoo…I’d say very basic. For people who workout and have to shampoo their hair every 2 days this is a great shampoo. It’s mild. It leaves hair soft. It does not dry out the hair at all. It lathers well. It rinses off easily. It has that lovely earthy fragrance to it..a bit like rosemary. It has that very spa-like calmness to it. But I’d say that it is a very average shampoo. It’s mild and nice on the scalp but it has never wowed me. It’s like basic cleansing for you hair that is a bit gentle than your regular shampoos. I personally end up using a lot of it in one go because I find it way too mild and I don’t get that super clean hair feeling unless I use a lot of it.

I like the lovely flip top bottle packaging. It’s a weightless plastic bottle and the cap closes very tight. So it’s easier to carry around.

Used it. Liked it but wouldn’t repurchase it. If you are someone who is looking for a mildest basic shampoo, this may be a good pick for you. Also, if you have very fine hair and you are looking for a shmapoo that wouldn’t weigh your hair down, definitley check it out.

Rating : 3/5

aesop classic shampoo aesop classic conditioner review, swatch Aesop Classic Conditioner 

Claims :

This frequent-use formula will soften, add shine and hydrate hair without weighing it down. Hair will be left hydrated, disentangled and smoothed.

Price : USD 25 for 200ml

My Experience with Aesop Classic Conditioner

The Aesop Classic conditioner truely lives up to every single claim it claims for.

  • softens hair
  • adds a bit of shine
  • hydrates hair. Does not leave hair feeling dry or rough.
  • Detangles your hair.
  • Does not weigh down the hair. But does not adds any volume as well.
  • Has that lovely minty lavender fragrance to it. Very very calming. You can seriously sit in the tub, apply this conditioner and take a nap. 😛
  • Comes in a weightless plastic bottle with a flip cap. The nozzle has a small opening so it prevents you from using too much product in one go. Plus the cap closes tightly and it can easily be carried around.

This again is a very classic conditioner…as a name suggests. Good for everyday usage. Feels gentle on the hair. Great for all types of hair. Nice but wouldn’t probably ‘wow’ you. The ingredients list is impressive so you could be doubly sure that this is a good product for you hair. But I want a little more from my shampoos and conditioners than just the basic cleansing and conditioning.

I think both the Classic Conditioner and Shampoo are great for people with fine hair or damaged hair. Something as mild and light would add a lot of nourishment and goodness to your hair. I expect a bit of volume and oomph from my hair products so these two are not meant for me.

Also, I feel that since this is an Australian brand and most Australian women have fine hair, it is best suited for their hair type. It may not work very well with the hair texture of most Indian women.

Aesop is a cruelty free brand. So yay! 🙂

Rating : 3/5




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4 thoughts on “Aesop Classic Shampoo & Conditioner Review

  1. I think it’s a stretch to say most Australian women have fine hair Rati. We have all types of races and nationalities here so the range of hair textures is broad.
    A critical factor a lot of people often overlook is that lathering products such as shampoos that are designed and created in one environment often do not perform in others because of the difference in water. The harder the water (ie. more mineral content), the less it lends itself to lather. Some manufacturers do consider this when they have operations in their markets e.g. Proctor & Gamble which makes Pantene. This shampoo varies country to country. Using the Thai version with the soft waters in Nairobi produced so much lather than I ended up using a tiny tiny amount. I dare say that this Aesop shampoo would fare better if used with soft water.

    1. I am aware of the races and nationalities we have here. I have used the shampoo both with tap water and with the mineral water bottles as well (which sometimes I do). I never liked the effect it gave to my hair while other shampoos that i use perform better than this one. Btw this shampoo lathers fine ( I mentioned in the review). It’s the effect or let’s say no effect it has on my hair. It didn’t work on mine and this review is based on my experience. It may work for others….

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