Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum Review, Swatch

aesop oil free facial serum

Claims : Enriched with Vitamin B and C and antioxidants, this serum light texture absorbs quickly, and provides an alternative to moisturizers. Aloe Vera and other plant extracts soften the skin without leaving residues. Ideal for sensitive skin, or imperfections.
Price : € 51.00 / Rs 3700 approx
Ingredients :

aesop oil free facial serum review

My Experience with Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum
I recently posted my skincare routine. Back then my skin was recovering from breakouts and I literally brought down my skincare routine to minimal basic products. My skincare routine is still the same except that I included a serum in my regime. Aesop products have been a mixed bag for me. Some have worked really well such as the scrub, some just decent such as their shampoo and conditioner and a heavy cream that broke me out bad. But still I like the brand for its natural ingredients and their gentle approach to skincare.

I have been using this serum from almost 3 weeks now and I am pleasantly happy with the results. Initially I started using it only during the day and slowly I have started using both during day and evening.

The serum comes in this big dark glass bottle with dropper style applicator. I like the basic clean packaging but the glass bottle is not travel friendly at all. So when I travelled this time around, I packed it well in a bubble wrap and carried it with me. I like he dropper. I helps control the amount of product and keep the serum hygienic.

This is an aloe vera based serum that is boosted with Vitamin B and C. The texture is light liquid(y) gel. It feels slightly sticky when you apply it but it gets absorbed very quickly in the skin without leaving any residue behind. It has that herbal(y) fragrance to it. Honestly, I am not too fond of it but I have gotten used to it.

I have normal to dry skin so I have to follow up with a moisturiser. Plus we have winter season going on here so the serum is not very hydrating for my skin on its own. But for someone who has oily skin, the serum can work as a light moisturiser as well.

Coming to the expectations I had from this serum. I was looking for a serum that could improve the texture of my skin. My skin’s texture really deteriorated with all the breakouts. Plus my La Pararie serum got over that worked wonders on my skin. So I could really notice the not-so-positive changes in my skin. I started using this serum and within a week I noticed that the surface of my skin looked so much smoother and better. I was using it once a day , now I using it twice a day and it has only sone great deed to my skin. I am so mighty happy with this product. The only thing that doe snot excite me about this serum is the weird herbal fragrance. So rather than enjoying it as a luxurious skincare, I use it more as a medicine for my skin. I also like that a little goes a long way. Just a two drops is enough to spread on whole face and neck.

It is not my holy grail but it a very good serum and I’d continue using it since it has been pretty gentle and good on my skin. It has never broken me out. It has only improved the way my skin looks. Would totally recommend it if you don’t mind the fragrance. 🙂
Rating : 4/5
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Swatch :aesop-oil-free-facial-hydrating-serum swatch

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