Aesop Perfect Hydrating Facial Cream Review

aesop perfect facial hydrating cream

Claims : Perfect delivers unparalleled amounts of rejuvenating vitamins from a base of superlative hydrating oils. Ideal for normal, mature or dehydrated skin.

Price : Rs 5,600 approx for 60ml
Ingredients :
aesop perfect facial hydrating cream ingredients

My Experience with Aesop Perfect Hydrating Facial Cream
I started using this cream somewhere around August-September last year. That was the time my skin broke out like crazy. Because there are a number of products I use in my skincare routine, I could not figure out what was the culprit. So I started removing one product from my skincare at a time and realized that this was the cream that was breaking me out. It was really an insane skincare period of my life. I have normal to dry skin and it is very rare that something reacts to my skin so badly.

I finally started using the Clarins Orchid Oil and simplified my skincare routine to very few basic products before settling down to my current skincare routine. This was the product that really put me off and I took a step back from using most of Aesop products and now slowly trying out the new ones again.

This cream is meant for people with normal to dry skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E and C and a whole lot of nice oils and butters that sound like music to your ears. But it did not work for me at all.
Three main ingredients mentioned on top of the jar – Sodium Ascorbic phosphate is basically Vitamin C. It is a great anti oxidant and a great anti ageing product. Frankincense is an excellent antiseptic and also promotes regeneration of healthy cells. Tocopherol is a form of Vitamin E. So, all in all it sounds like a brilliant skincare product. From the full list of ingredients, it is hard to mention what actually could be the culprit for the massive breakout I had with using this.

It smells similar to a lavender essential oil…kinda earthy and natural.
I only use this cream for my feet now because it is extremely nourishing.
Wouldn’t recommend it at all.
Rating : 1/5 only because the main ingredients are pretty good for skin.

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  1. As soon as I saw the Title, I thought, one more good product to crave from Rati(and Aesop)..but it is such a dud!!!! but color and texture looks yummy 🙂

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