Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask Review


Claims : A clarifying clay formulation that delivers optimal hydration while decongesting and refreshing skin. Hydrating Vitamin E lends balance to the cleansing effect by ensuring skin isn’t left feeling stripped of moisture. Ideal for oily, combination or neglected skin.

How to use : After cleansing, apply a thin layer over skin, excluding eye and lip areas. Tend to other tasks for fifteen minutes – or longer if time permits – then rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry. Follow with your preferred Aesop toner and hydrating products.
Price : USD 47 for 60ml

aesop-primrose-facial-cleansing-mask ingredients

My Experience with Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask
Although I have normal to dry skin, but the lady at the Aesop counter suggested that I could use this mask as well because it is a deep cleansing treatment for the skin. And then follow it up with  a moisturiser. After using it a couple of times I have to say that this mask is strictly meant for oily skin.

It is a pre-prepared thick clay mask. You just have to apply it directly on your skin and, if required, use water to spread it evenly. One me, the face pack dries completely in 4-5 minutes but I let it sit around for another 10 minutes or so. The skin feels quite tight once the mask dries. It smells very soothing, a little lavender-ish. Once you wash it off your skin looks and feels very clean. But I have dry skin and if I don’t apply a moisturiser within minutes of using it it makes my skin super dry, stretched and flaky. It feels as if it soaks up every last trace of oil and moisture from my skin. Once I forgot to moisturise for 15-20 minutes and my skin was literally peeling. 😐 So I would strictly suggest you stay away from this if you have normal to dry skin. But if you have acne prone or oily skin, this pack may really help you in keeping your pores clean and keeping oil at bay.
It comes packed in a simple glass jar with screw cap. I quite like the packaging of all Aesop products. I like how minimal and simple they are.

Overall this did not work for me mostly because it is not meant for my skin types. But people with oily skin could give this a try.
Rating : 2/5





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  1. Hi rati ,
    Can you suggest me an eye cream available in india? I’m 26yrs with fine lines and dark something that would work for budget restrictions..thank u 🙂

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