Aesop Remove Eye Makeup Remover Review

aesop remove makeup remover review

Claims : Grape Seed oil assists makeup to dissolve easily – even the most stubborn or waterproof – while Blue Chamomile soothes and calms the particularly sensitive area around the eyes.

How to Use : To remove eye makeup, apply to a damp cotton pad and press into skin around the eyes, pausing for a moment to allow the makeup’s oils to begin dissolving. Repeat with sweeping strokes until makeup is completely removed. To finish, cleanse with your preferred Aesop facial cleanser. For stubborn makeup, blend Remove with your cleanser.
Price: USD 34
Ingredients :
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My Experience with Aesop Remove Eye Makeup Remover
After using a whole lot of Aesop products, I have come to conclusion that it is best to stick to their hand and body products only. Sharing another rather disappointing product from the brand.

The Aesop Remove Eye Makeup Remover comes packed in this standard brown glass bottle with black cap. There is a plastic stopper at the nozzle that helps control the amount of product you want to use.The ingredient list is a little impressive list of 3 products with two being the natural oils and the other being Vitamin E. I mean how could you not be sold on the product.

It is the worst makeup remover oil I have ever used. You take some of the oil on a damp sponge and you’d imagine it to remove all your makeup. Well, one it is quite a thick oil. I don’t find it an issue to be honest. It dissolves most of the eye makeup and then your whole eye makeup spreads all around your oil. Then you have to actually use some other eye makeup remover to remove the whole ‘panda’ eye that this eye makeup remover has created around your eyes. Because this eye makeup remover does not wash off with water. I really don’t want to use an eye makeup remover that only helps to dissolve my eye makeup and not really clean my eye area completely. This eye makeup remover removes most of the light eye makeup but if you have a full beat eye makeup with some 5 coats of mascara, forget it about it removing your remover completely. Also the oily residue stays behind if you wash your eyes with just water after using this. I understand that this is pure oil and it would leave the oily residue behind. But then why would I pay for this. I could actually use something like olive oil or coconut oil to remove my makeup that would probably be more effective than this one. Also, it leaves my eyesight so foggy for 10-15 minutes, it’s ridiculous.

In ‘how to use’ section it mentions – For stubborn makeup, blend Remove with your cleanser. I mean then what does this product do if I have to mix it with a cleanser? I could just add any oil in my cleanser.
I have used so many oil based makeup removers in past and his one really leaves a bad taste in mouth. Rather than oil being a whole calming experience to remove your eye makeup in evening, this makes it a task and leaves me frustrated with its ineffectiveness.
Would not recommend it to anyone.
Rating : 1/5

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6 thoughts on “Aesop Remove Eye Makeup Remover Review

  1. Rati, exactly, why to use a separate eye make remover or cleanser if we can get better eye makeup removers from other brands! he he, i can imagine you in panda eyes 😛

  2. Such a disappointment …!! I love finding good makeup removers that actually work.. Gonna stay far away from this !

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