Aigner Starlight Eau De Parfum Review

Aigner Starlight Eau De Parfum

Most of us, especially veteran makeup and cosmetic users have become almost immune to the new packaging that brands keep updating their products with. Unless it’s drastically different, we usually skim over the appearance and delve right into the product. The exception to this however, would be perfumes. A perfume is one product whose packaging is almost as important as the contents :-). The Starlight Perfume from Aigner is a fragrance that’ll delight both your eyes and your nostrils :-).

AignerStarlight Eau De Parfum

Here is what the brand says about its product: “She is a star that shines with her own light, illuminating everything around her. Aigner Starlight is the star that every woman has inside her and stars were born to shine”

Cost: I’m not sure if it’s available in India, but its discount price at Amazon is close to 45$.

Product Claim:

• Carries you off to an aromatic world full of nuances and subtle tones
• Evocative, soft yet intense fragrance
• Created of top quality ingredients
• Fragrant story created of aromas of bergamot, pineapple juice and vegetable accords
• Heart encompasses cumin, jasmine and strawberries
• Base notes introduce patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and white musk

My experience with Aigner Starlight Eau De Parfum:

Like I mentioned above, the bottle is a striking feature of this product. It’s shaped like a multi faceted crystal with the light reflecting off from all sides.

With a silver cap and a lavender shade, it looks feminine but is solid. The bottle isn’t as heavy as it appears to be. The brand name is seen on the top of the lid and the perfume’s name is on the front of the bottle.

Aigner Starlight Eau De Parfum

Immediately on spraying, you get a sweet, fruity whiff. It feels young and fresh and very spring-like and is definitely a mood lifter :-). The strawberry component is obvious among the top notes, which gives that fruity feel. I personally love perfumes that feel fresh and vibrant on spraying – and this one certainly fits the bill.

The middle notes feel more familiar somehow, and you can detect a floral scent. It dries well, without any rancidity or stain. It sort of adheres to your body, although that initial fresh feeling doesn’t exist now.

The base notes are what give this fragrance its longevity. It now heads into vanilla and sandal territory and though it smells a little similar to other fragrances, it’s still pleasant and lasts a really long while. I’ve worn this in the morning and after a long day of train trips and visits, it was still there on my clothes, although not that intense.

Overall, I think this is something fun and vibrant and better suited for younger women – there is something ‘girly’ about the fragrance. It might also be ideal for autumn or winter to perk you up with memories of spring when the weather is a little bleak.

Did I mention how pretty it is? It would be an ideal gift for a girl who’s turning eighteen – sort of introducing her into the world of women’s fragrances, while still retaining that playfulness. It is also a lovely addition to anyone’s vanity box!

Aigner StarlightEau De Parfum

Pros of Aigner Starlight Eau De Parfum:

• Beautiful packaging
• Sturdy bottle, without being heavy
• Does not stain clothes
• Dries well without any rancid smells
• Sweet, fruity top notes
• Feels vibrant, fresh and young
• Lasts the whole day
• Makes a great gift for younger women

Cons of Aigner Starlight Eau De Parfum:

• The fresh nature is only in the top notes
• Mature women might not like it as much
• Not easily available in India

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend/repurchase this product? Yes, if you can find it, that is :-). Your age doesn’t really matter, wear it on those days you’re feeling especially perky; after all, you are as young as you feel!!

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