Airplane Makeup Tips

How to Look and Smell Awesome While Getting off an Airplane

airplane makeupI love to travel. I’ve visited a lot of countries and cities by myself and I have often found myself in airplane for 10+ hours. After such long haul flights (my longest was 17 hours by the way), I would usually look like a lost animal with really really bad hair. I would smell like one too.

But, after my numerous travels and life-lessons I’ve started to look more human and show up pretty decent in pictures too! (Sometimes people insist on taking pictures right at the airport because they’re so excited to see you. :D)

You could follow these for both short (4-6 hours) as well as long (6+ hours) modifying to whatever suits you. I will specifically mention if I do anything different for short and long in the tips.

The most important thing to remember while travelling on an airplane is to remember what you’re taking in your carry-on baggage or hand baggage. Most airlines don’t allow a lot liquids and perfume bottles etc. It would help in such cases to have an idea of what is allowed prior to your date of travel. I once lost a very expensive perfume in security. I know the pain. These pointers adhere to all rules anyway. Let’s get started!
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1. The basic rule of all airplane travel is: MOISTURISE. I cannot stress enough on how important this is. Everything about you will dehydrate-your face, your hair, your body. This is something you can probably start working on before travelling. Use any hydrating hair mask on the day before your travel and you should be okay. Now, if this is allowed, take a small spray bottle and put in some conditioner and distilled water, shake it up and spray it in your hair before getting off. World of difference, I tell you.

2. Follow your usual moisturising routine for your face and body especially concentrating on the exposed parts. Carry a small bottle(less than 100ml) of moisturiser along.

3. Lip balm is your soulmate. Use as often as you need. Just before getting off, you can use some coloured stain/gloss/non drying lipstick over your balm.

4. Obviously, while getting on the airplane, prefer to not wear makeup. But if you must, bring along some wipes, take off everything and moisturise. Again, while getting off, you can wear a BB cream (quantity less than 100 ml), some pencil eyeliner, mascara, of course lipstick. Don’t use powder products. Remember not to do this in the bathroom and annoy other passengers. These are things you can do in your seat. If you’re uncomfortable, go to a bathroom on landing and primp.

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5. On the impossibly long flights, I start to smell bad too. An awesome way to fix this is to carry along some baby wipes and a t-shirt that I pre spray with perfume before packing it. I wipe my arms, torso and underarms with the fresh wipes and wear the nice t-shirt. Instant bath. 😀

6. This isn’t exactly makeup, just a general tip. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring along a pair of socks. I find that it helps me sleep better. Also you can get those eye patches that block light. Carry a neck pillow if you experience neck or shoulder pain. You will feel a lot more relaxed and consequently you will look better.

7. Pack all these small 100 ml bottles in one sealed pouch and put it in your hand luggage. This is the rule followed in most airlines.

I hope these tips help all of you to look awesome and feel awesome after you get off from the airplane. Take trips, enjoy yourselves and most important, take care of your skin.

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28 thoughts on “Airplane Makeup Tips

  1. *clap* super helpful 🙂
    i remember my longest flight of 16 hours i looked like a dry bloated balloon
    i wish i had remembered to have water and moisturize *headbang*

  2. lovely tips!! special the instant bath wala *hihi* I am gonna try that next time for sure!! *thankyou* so much malyatha! *hifive*

    1. Haha! It has been my most useful “invention” for longish trips. etc. Do try it next time! 😀

  3. Great article Malyatha with handy hints!! *clap* *clap* Tip number 5 is great! I generally carry a perfume miniature in my handbag for this! *hifive*

    1. So do I. But when I don’t have one around, this helps so much!
      I just hate smelling nasty. *nababana*

  4. Hey malyatha awesme topic…i need a sme tips from you…i get lot of anxiety when i board a flight…its kind of a phobia now,.i count every minute i sit in the flight..cant even get sleep how much ever i try..any tips on how to overcome this fear since u travel so much…pks if u cn help on ths or anyone pls..

    1. I too kinda used to feel anxiety whenever I travelled and used to have lots of weird thoughts, then I started to read light, romantic novels that give you goosebumps.. *haan ji* *haan ji* and even scribble many things on my notepad and listen to b’ful songs, these have really helped me to get rid of anxiety and at times you can talk to the other passengers, if they are willing to open up 🙂 🙂 and make sure drink fluids and wear comfortable clothes, like linen, cotton and minimal jewellery as well.. I hope this help you allot,
      P.S. You can plan little gifts for your family members and friends while you onboard ..

      1. Hey Priyanka, Sital is totally right. You must focus on things that make you feel better. Do something that you love doing. Reading a book/listening to music helps a lot.
        Are you afraid of airplanes or just heights or something like that? Finding out the exact reason can help you overcome your problems.
        Stay happy and healthy!

  5. Even i had same kind of phobia priyanka bt at dat tym i usd 2travel alone.. Now i travel wth my hubby so i kp on talkng wth him n make my self busy wth sum or d othr thing so ultimately d phobia got disaprd n n0w i njoy being travelng bt stil i cnt slp as i need my bed 🙁

  6. This post is very timely for me. I’ll be flying next week, 12 hours or more. I’ll be needing all these. I especially like your tip on that instant bath with “pre-perfumed” shirt. Love it and will definitely do that. Thank you for sharing! 😀

    1. Yaay! Now you’re all set then. 😀
      I think that tip has become the most popular! 😛
      Do have fun wherever you’re going and take lots of pictures!

  7. Hey,
    Nice tips.. Especially the instant bath one.
    One important tip we should also follow is having lots of water! Like you mentioned dehydration takes place.. water will help a lot! It also helps in beating jet lag!

  8. I really loved you tips, wish you had written earlier 😛 but better late than never, I loved that instant bath and spraying tee with fav perfume.. you are genius *jai ho* , deari

  9. I used Kara moisturizing wipes during my long 16 hr flight. Helped a lot to keep my skin from getting dehydrated.

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