All About Acne Cosmetica

All About Acne Cosmetica

Around 2 years back, I had a very bad bout of acne, even when I was taking all possible measures to keep my skin in good condition( by using all good skin care products, I was working out, drinking loads of water etc.) I rushed to my dermatologist; told him everything, and also that I used to wear makeup very often ;( almost every day) when he informed me that I could be suffering from “Acne Cosmetica”. He advised me to stop using all sorts of cosmetics with immediate effect and use the same line of skin care products which I had been using. He just prescribed Clindamycin for topical use to settle the acne I had.

Even though it was like the hardest thing for me, I did avoid makeup/cosmetics and within a month I could see my skin clearing up and there where very few new eruptions. I continued to avoid cosmetics for a longer time then and I could see a “Great Difference” in my skin.
In this post today, I would like to share with you all that I have read, learnt about “Acne Cosmetica” and how to deal with it.


What is Acne Cosmetica?

In simple words, Acne Cosmetica is a term referring to acne caused by or aggravated by use of cosmetics (or even skin care) which contains comedogenic ingredients .Basically, such products can clog/block pores and cause eruptions; whiteheads and blackheads, when they come in contact with the skin. The ingredients which are most likely to clog pores include some oils (like lanolin, isopropyl myristate), fragrances and dyes. These are often added to foundations, lotions, sunscreens to get a smooth formula. If your skin is acne prone; always scrutiny its ingredients list carefully, or look for words like oil free/non comedogenic, water based. I believe, the easiest way out is to consult a derma to prescribe you a few products as per your skin type
Fragrances are added to mask the scent of other ingredients and can cause allergic .So; Look for products labeled fragrance-free or hypo-allergenic
How to identify Acne Cosmetica

In my case, I had consulted a dermatologist, who diagnosed that I was suffering from “Acne cosmetica”, but if you are wondering how acne cosmetica can be identified, here are few points I have found on the internet:

• Acne cosmetica has a rash-like appearance.
• Tiny red or pink bumps form on the areas where the comedogenic product was used–usually the chin, cheeks, scalp or forehead.
• The bumps may itch, and they may or may not be filled with pus.

How Can Acne Cosmetica Be Treated?

The simplest way out/breakthrough for Acne Cosmetica is to forgo makeup until your skin gets completely cleared. However, it may not be feasible for a few of us to shun makeup completely or for a long period of time .Hence, the most important thing would be identifying “the pore-clogging culprit”. I know, it would not be an easy job to identify a particular product that is specifically aggravating your acne condition but once the actual source of the breakouts is identified and discontinued, acne cosmetica gradually diminishes. For this you need to keep a close watch on your skin and see if a particular product leads to breakouts after a few hours or the following day. Finally, cease using the particular products and you can use same line of treatment to reduce the eruptions which you would use for acne otherwise (like salicylic acid,benzoyl peroxide,clindamycin etc based products).
Finally, Here are a few points I would like to add, w.r.t. Acne Cosmetica which are worth considering:

• It is extremely important to keep your cosmetics and makeup tools in good hygienic condition. Sanitize, wash your makeup brushes and sponges often, you can spray some rubbing alcohol on products like blushes, eye shadows or compacts.
• Avoid well known pore clogging ingredients including anything that starts with “isopropyl”, “isostearyl”, or “myristyl” when purchasing products.
• Apply makeup only when it is really necessary. Till sometime back, I used to do makeup almost every day; but now I have restricted it to special occasions or outings only.
• When purchasing a foundation look for words like Oil free, water based or look for mineral makeup range.
• If avoiding makeup is not really possible for you, opt for powder products over liquids/creamy formulas or products like a BB cream, tinted moisturizer which are sheer on the skin and have lighter formulas.
• Buy makeup from a good brand. Large brands don’t wish to put their reputation at stake and thus, invest a lot in research and development of products which are safe for the skin. For instance, Clinique has a foundation specially made for acne prone skin which contains Salicylic acid
• Never forget to get rid of your makeup completely at the end of the day, by using a good quality makeup remover that suits your skin type.
• Check for batch codes or expiry dates of the makeup products you have been using and discard anything that is beyond its expiry date.


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    I have also experienced that I get bumps on the next day after using make up.. Didnt know there is a proper name for this condition..

    1. thanks Amisha *thankyou* Try following the points i have mentioned and see if u can get some respite from the bumps *blush* *blush*

  2. I have had acne for a very long time.. I think it is best to consult a dermatolagist as soon as acne appears .. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article..great info nupur *puchhi*

    1. So true Purva, *haan ji* i rush to my derma even on the slightest skin related issue *hihi* *hihi* plus my derma is a very patient man, he answers to all my queries with a lot of detailing unlike the previous ones i were consulting. *haan ji* *haan ji*

  3. Just yesterday I threw all the makeup which was about to expire or which I didn’t use anymore because it caused breakouts.I totally agree with you, better invest in a good brand but you must be careful at ingredients always..I for e.g. am allergic to salicylic acid.

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  5. A friend sent a link to this post and I must say it is a great write up. Your story is very inspiring and the tips you gave will help many that take heed. I have found that many women suffer from acne cosmetica. Being able to stop using cosmetics to isolate which are causing the acne is hard for many women to do. I agree with you that it must be done in order to stop using products that is the cause of breakouts. I do not wear make up anymore and my skin has been happy ever since. Great post and thanks. I will pass it on.

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