All About Aromatherapy In Winters


All About AromaTherapy In Winters

Hi to all the beauties!

This is my very first post on IMBB. 😀 Winters have already hit most cities. So today I will tell you how aromatherapy can save us from this dry winter. Essential oil is the main key of aroma therapy and this can help to make our skin glow and hair shine.

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Aromatherapy has carrier oils in them which can directly be applied to the skin. Essential oils that do wonders in winter season are orange oil, lavender oil, carrot seed oil. Jojoba oil (carrier oil) is simply a great savior in winter.

Some packs for winter mixing essential oils


    • Mix Jojoba oil with lavender oil, and apply daily on the whole body, this retains the body moisture. This is great for the dry skinned beauties.
    • Mix Kaolin powder, orange juice, cucumber juice, 2 drops of lavender oil and use it as a face pack. This will make your skin glowing as well as moisturize it.
    • Mix Orange peels paste with curd or milk and apply and get a super glowing face.
    • Mix strawberry paste with curd or milk and this will make your skin healthy and supple.
    • Make a paste of the coconut pulp (grated) and apply it in your face. This makes your face moisturized through out the day.
    • Essential oils other than carrier oil cannot be used directly to skin. So you can mix lemon oil with butter to make your skin super moisturized.

Face wash

To make your face squeaky clean, you can use  a magic face pack cum scrub, mix carrot seed oil, milk cream or curd, oatmeal, 2 drops of orange oil and apply it keep for 5 minutes then rub for 30 seconds using circular motion and rinse of. Now see the magic J


Using toner is a compulsion in winter for every skin type. Mix 12- 15 drops of neroli to oil to a cup of distilled water and use it for a week. You can see the magic I bet.

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Removal of tan

Black patches are very common in winters. To get rid of it, mix grated mosambi peel with grape juice and apply it in the tanned area. This mixture acts as bleach. Sensitive skin beauties can avoid this or can use this once in 15 days. I generally use this once a week and it really helped me.

Lip care

Mix 10 gm bee wax with vitamin-E capsules and use it during night. (And Maybelline baby lips during the day time. 😉 )This will help to get rid of chapped lips. Even u can mix glycerin, lemon juice, honey and apply this. This mix will help to lighten the lips (if pigmented lips are not hereditary).

Hair care

Dry hairs are the most common problem during winters. And nothing other than fruit packs work. Mix ripe papaya, banana, black grapes, and pomegranate very well. Papaya and banana should be used in greater quantities. Apply this pack wait for an hour, and then wash with a very mild shampoo. Dilute essential oil (tee tree oil, jojoba oil)with water and use as an after rinse.

P.S.: One important thing, avoid the excessive usage of creams or oil. Excessive moisturization can harm your skin. Using oil during shower and then at night a night cream, lotion (body butter) does the work.

Happy diwali to all of you.  Stay fit, healthy and keep glowing.

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