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Today, we would be talking about eyelash perming. You might have heard about hair perming but did you ever hear about eyelash perming? Eyelash perming involves the use of hair perming technology which helps to curl your lashes in an upward direction. It is also referred as a permanent relaxer which can promote natural-looking curly lashes. This is ideal for those who want curly lashes without any efforts. So, here’s everything you should know about eyelash perming.

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What is eyelash perming?

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Eyelash perming is a temporary fix for someone who is very busy with her daily schedule and also looking for low maintenance. The process of eyelash perming can eliminate the need of curling the lashes for next 6 months. Eyelash perming has gained a lot of attention in the recent days as it a temporary fix to curl your lashes in the upward direction, thus giving you natural curls.

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How is it done?

Generally, a perm solution is applied on the eyelashes and is left for 5-10 minutes. This process is repeated with every hair on the lashes. Depending upon the length of the eyelash, a silicone pad is placed on the lashes which helps the hair on the eyelash to take the new shape. Using silicone pad can help to give proper curls to the eyelashes depending upon the length.

Well, that’s not all. There’s another way to do eyelash perming as well. An instrument which looks like hot metal curler is used to do the perming. The instrument is kept on the base of the lashes and then it pinches the eyelashes and curls it in the upward direction. The rest of the hair is treated in the same way using the instrument. Once the eyelashes have been permed, they are left for 15 minutes to set. Later, a neutralizer is applied to the lashes and left for 10-15 minutes so that the effect lasts for longer period of time.

How long does it last?

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Generally, eyelash perming is done under the guidance of expert or cosmetologists. The results last for 4-5 months and for some, the results may go up to 6 months as well.

What about aftercare?

Once you have done the eyelash perming, you should refrain from applying water to the eyelashes. Avoid rubbing your lashes or touching the eye area. Yes, you aren’t allowed to apply any type of eye makeup during that time as it can irritate the skin and eyes as well. Also, spending time under the direct sun rays can weaken the perm lotion.

What are the advantages of eyelash perming?

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• It gives you gorgeous and fuller looking lashes.
• It lasts for 3-6 months depending upon several factors.
• Even if you have short lashes, it can give you fuller looking lashes.

What are the disadvantages of eyelash perming?

• Although eyelash perming can give you fuller and beautiful lashes, it can sometimes lead to allergies.
• There’s a risk of lotion going inside the eyes.
• One among the biggest concerns is it emits a strong odor.
• Under certain conditions, it can also lead to eyelash fallouts.

Who can do this process?

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The process is not done at home but can be carried out at licensed salons and clinics. It is done under the guidance of certified individual or expert. A person performing eyelash perming needs to have a valid cosmetology license.

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