Essential Tips for Hair Coloring/Bleaching

Essential for Hair Coloring/Bleaching

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Usually by seeing the advertisements we end up buying hair color products without any knowledge. And then we use it as per the instructions given on the box and we think that it is an easy process and anyone can do it, but in reality hair coloring at home can be really harmful. So here are some of the things/myths that one needs to know about hair coloring:

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• Myth 1: Bleaching is not harmful for hair and is perfectly healthy.
Actually bleach brings out the normal color of our hair and opens the outer layer of your hair, causing hair roots to show.The process of bleaching can strip the moisture from your hair. When you apply bleach to your hair, the solution containing hydrogen peroxide and ammonia separate the hair strands and thus making your hair more porous.

• Myth 2:The longer you leave the bleach mixture on, the greater its effect.
Without having any knowledge of the process and for how long the bleach/color needs to be retained can actually burn your hair because of the hydrogen peroxide present in these products. Hydrogen peroxide if used in wrong quantities or for long can damage your hair .
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• Myth 3:One should not condition hair post coloring
Stylists usually recommend not conditioning hair post coloring as it will help color to stay for long. But in reality, conditioning is must as shampooing opens the cuticles cuticle, or outer layer of your hair and conditioner protects them from damage. Some recommend going for deep conditioning a week before coloring, so that you would not have to condition them right after coloring. But one should always use conditioner no matter what.

• Myth 4: All types (brands) of hair colors are suitable to use
There are many hair colors which do not suit all hair types. And beauties that have got their hair straightened need to be more careful about the ingredients. Beauties with fine hair should use light tones of colors.

• Myth 5: All global and expensive brands are good
Sometimes you do not see any harmful effects by using a particular brand for 1-2 times. But in a longer run there may be some ingredients present which can cause allergy to your skin. One needs to be cautious of that. Do not be loyal to only one brand 😛
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• Myth 6: Do not oil your hair post coloring
You may have heard from many that we should oil or go for hot oil treatment post coloring and we should let natural oils work their magic. I agree that we should avoid hot oil treatment for a week or two as it will strip the color off your hair. But we should not avoid oiling our hair as it will keep our hair healthy and will protect from further damage. You may consult an expert for what type of oil should be used.
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Other things one needs to take care of:

• Coloring at home may not always be perfect. Always take somebody’s help
• For the first timers, always seek professionals help and go for atleast 3-4 initial coloring sessions by professional only. Once you get familiar with the type of color and brand, you can try it doing at home.
• Do you know, some professionals recommend color as per your face shape? So check out all options. It is not only your skin tone that can judge the hair color you should go for.
• Color stays longer if used on non-bleached hair.
• Always take some professional’s help if you want to go for color change like from brown to blonde.
• While coloring at home, always apply petroleum jelly on your neck and forehead to avoid any color stains
• Always choose your hair color as per your skin tone. It should not be too warm or too cool otherwise your skin color will look different.
So these were some of my tips and experiences that I have shared with you all. Hope you all find them useful!!

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  1. Great tips Radhika *clap* *clap* i have coloured my hair 7 times now just because i love that hair colour *hifive* and the part that i enjoy more is because i have coloured my hhair blondie light brown i can notice how much my hair grow lol coz they come out to be dark brown *hifive*

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