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I am back with a new post here. Today, we would be talking about hip thrust workout. A recent study says, Hip thrust workout is one of an essential workout which every person must be doing, but in reality none of us are actually doing it. Hip thrust workout is a type of Glute exercise which helps to improve strength, power, and speed of the body by hip extension.  To get an improved appearance and also feel the power from within, most of us should choose the hip thrust exercise. People who are reading this out probably know about the hip thrust exercises and hence they believe this to be the best form of glute exercise.

hip thrust exercise

Hip thrust exercise particularly helps to strengthen the body and also activates the hamstrings, quadriceps, and adductors very thoroughly. The glute is one of the most powerful muscle groups in the body which is involved in a day to day life and the athletic movements. In order to fix back the glutes, which are actually those fats, beefy skin accumulated over bum you can also get concerned with some of the primary exercises like running, walking, skipping, jumping and etc.  But there are few people who have weak glute muscles who think dead lifts are only such solutions to the problem, which aren’t true anymore. Hip thrust exercise is the secret weapon to glute masters and you should include this in your routine.

How to do hip thrust exercise

Doing the hip thrust exercise is one of the easiest things you can achieve easily at home. Here we guide you how to do hip thrust exercise. You need to lean against a bench or any other support which would make you relax and not pressurize the body. For this purpose, you need a bench which would be approximately of the height of your knee or sometimes slightly lower so that the shoulders rest on the edge. Always remember to keep your torso at 45-degree angle and feet to be planted in a hip or shoulder-width squat position which would enable you to keep your toe pointing straight ahead or slightly angled outwards.  However, while taking up this position your spine should be in neutral position and lengthened in both the direction. Sit properly so that you feel light and your body weight is equally divided by the both the sides of the body. Avoid keeping any weight on the neck, which most of them do to maintain the neck straight.

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Things to remember

Always focus on moving the objects with the glutes and not the lower. If you are a person with any spinal or back problem, try to maintain the neutral position of the spinal cord. Try to finish the movements with hips, keeping the torso parallel to ground. Try to feel light and divide the weight, which would not put any pressure on glutes. Rep as much as you can, without giving any extra pressure on the body. Know about the rep range and interval.

Generally, you are suggested to perform sets of 6-12 sets which mean resting only for 1-3 minutes and so on. During the warm up session, usually you should rest for 1 minute, and then go for 2-3 minutes rest between the addiction sets. However, this is something which you should follow to understand the rep range and rep intervals to be taken in between.

  • Set 1= 12 reps (rest 1 minute)
  • Set 2=8 reps (rest 1 minutes)
  • Set 3= 6 reps (rest 2-3 minutes)
  • Set 4= 8 reps (rest 1 minute)
  • Set 5= 10 reps (rest 1 minute)
  • Set 6=12 reps.

Common mistakes in Hip thrust exercise

  • Breathing actively while asked to inhale and exhale
  • Not able to maintain a neutral position throughout the workout
  • Not training through a full range of motion
  • Not pressing through the mid foot balance
  • Putting bar too much close to neck or lower neck
  • Jerking the weight off the floor

Benefits of Hip thrust exercise

Including the hip thrust exercise in daily routine will surely make a big difference in your glute development. Here are some benefits of practicing hip thrust exercise.

    • You will get stronger and so will your body
    • The exercise obviously specializes in strengthening the glutes
    • You need to maintain a proper posture of body
    • You change drastically in your appearance, and this should be your choice if have a dull appearance.
    • There is a considerable increase in the capacity of your work
    • You perform better in all the task even in further.
    • It helps to improve Sprint speed
    • You will be able to run like you never ran before
    • Helps in preventing injury

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Hip Thrust workouts

  • 1. Basic glute bridges with elevation

You can simply start with basic glute bridge with elevation, which makes this the most basic form of glute exercise and easy to be tried for women too. With a head on floor and heels on a bench or step, raise hips off the ground using buttock and hamstrings until the hips are level with the thighs. Lower slowly either right to the ground or leave the hips just off the ground. There can be a certain amount of discomfort with the bars as they can be difficult to manage, but this exercise is universally beneficial.

  • 2. Abdominal Hip thrust

Before performing any new type of strength training exercise, it is very important to learn which muscles are actually targeted by the exercise and what are its benefits.  Abdominal hip thrust is an extremely great as strength training exercise for beginners. Performing abdominal hip thrust is relatively simple. Start by placing an exercise or yoga mat down on the ground. Lie down on the mat with your head, neck, and back flat on the ground and also try to bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the ground. Ideally, your feet should be placed one shoulder’s width apart, with your toes pointing forward. Look directly up at the sky, so your spine is in a straight line from your head to your tailbone.

  • 3. Barbell hip thrust

Barbell hip thrust is an outstanding posterior chain and this is the reason why most of the people love this exercise. Performing barbell hip thrust is again an easy task, the seat on the ground with a bench directly behind you, having loaded barbell over your legs. Using a fat bar can help to overcome the troubles and discomfort by this exercise. Now roll the bars so that it’s directly above your hip and you lean backward such that the shoulder blades are near to the top. Now Begin the movement by driving through your feet, extending your hips vertically through the bar.

  • 4. Hip Thrust without weight

Now, this hip thrust can be performed without lifting the weight. Before you start with the exercise, make sure you are comfortable with the surface, so you will not face any harm. You need to place back of the shoulders across a stable bench or step with your arms out, with heels firmly planted on the floor. Your heels must be about 6″ away from your buttocks so that you can raise the body easily hanging from the back of the shoulder, make sure the shoulders and knees are in line. Slowly come back to the ground or leave the buttocks slightly down on the ground.
Hip thrust exercise is probably one of the best exercises that you should opt too.

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