All About Permanent Hair Straightening (Chemically)

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Are you thinking about going for permanent chemical hair straightening? We hope that you’ve researched well enough. Here’s a guide for you.

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What exactly is permanent chemical hair straightening? Is it really permanent?

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Chemical hair straightening is achieved with the help of hair relaxers or chemical relaxers (a more professional term). It defines the curls, waves, and kinks in the hair making them straighter and manageable. We call it permanent because this needs multiple sessions. You’ll probably have to visit a hair salon every 4-6 months. The process actually works by breaking the sulfide bonds in your hair so that you lose your waves, curls, and kinks.

Why should you go for permanent chemical hair straightening?

The choice is up to you. But, if you care for what we recommend, we’d say that permanent chemical hair straightening has more demerits than merits. On one hand, where it offers straightened hair without kinkiness – healthy hair is more appreciated. As far the manageability of the hair is concerned, there are several other options available in the market which offers similar results to what chemical straightening does. And, we’ve been saving our hair from chemicals for long; then, why to go for these harsh chemicals just to ensure that you have straighter hair?

But, in case you’ve severely curly and frizzy hair (or extreeeeme waves), chemical hair straightening could possibly do some good to your hair. That completely depends upon the maintenance that a salon offers and how your hair reacts to the procedure. Quite a tough decision to make?

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Here are some merits and demerits of permanent chemical hair straightening:

1. You’re going to remain curl-less now. If that’s a merit for you, we appreciate it. But the demerit is that you will no longer have natural waves and curls. Do you think natural hairs are less good than treated ones?
2. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! If you thought you’re going on the right track to permanent chemical hair straightening and it’ll be less time-consuming afterward – then, no. Who stops thinking about how their hairs are doing after this straightening session?
3. Your hair could turn dry, brittle and maybe rough. Deep conditioning treatments help here. Yes, they’ll help you.
4. Now that your hair is more manageable, you would need less oiling sessions, conditioning sessions, etc. Maybe, you got too used to your hair care routine, but you do not need them anymore.
5. Too straight hair can look like straw. Ask your beautician to avoid doing that.

Is the procedure really time-consuming?

You will have to sit in the salon for about an average of 6 hours. If you’re ready to do that, it wouldn’t be time-consuming. You, at the least, will probably need a day off from the chores and the patience to sit in at a single place for the above-mentioned time.

Will you be going to disturb your savings?

This is understood. The cost of chemical straightening (permanent/semi-permanent) can be low or high. This depends on the quality of salon and the products that they use to straighten your hair. Though, you’ll have to invest a lot as you’re about to straighten hair with results lasting for a considerable amount/period of time.


• Permanent chemical hair straightening or hair relaxing can be an ideal procedure for someone who has severely frizzy hair that is dry, damaged and totally unmanageable. So, if you have curls that can be managed with another option (such as hair smoothening, etc), do not choose permanent chemical hair straightening. It could result in damaged hair in the further time.
• Choose a trusted salon. Do not try this at home – do not even think to do so.
• Check if your beautician has chosen the best hair relaxers for you.

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