All About Protein Supplements and Weight Loss

Good day girls 🙂
I’m here with another fitness article. Usually, girls stay away from whey protein because they think it will bulk them up. Well, thankfully I’m here to prove them wrong 😉
Read on to know why!



1) Helps in Recovery :
Firstly, when you’re weight training, what you’re actually doing is breaking the muscle, building it up stronger also burning the fat and because of this your body needs protein to recover and build the muscle faster. It also helps reduce muscle pain you feel the next day and provides all the nutrients and protein your body needs after a good workout.

2) Substitute to Midnight Cravings :
Protein shakes help keep you full for at least an hour and that way when you feel hungry at night, heading to the fridge, just take a scoop of protein and mix it in water or milk and gulp the deliciousness down! You’ll sleep with a satisfied stomach without consuming empty calories.

Weights and protein shake

3) Curbs Cravings :
Thanks to the different delicious flavours that whey protein comes in, I could never crave for a chocolate again! Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, these are the few of many different flavours available and help a lot in curbing your cravings as even 10 oz is enough! There are so many ways you can have your protein shake – you can mix it with milk or water or even blend it with fruit and make a smoothie. The only thing left is for you to stop giving excuses now.

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4) Helps in Weight Loss :
At first, I used to think that protein supplements won’t help me. But after listening to my fitness fanatic boyfriend, I tried it out. If you religiously follow your workout routine, you will start seeing the difference in a short span of time! I lost 5 kgs in 1 month thanks to weight training and protein intake, my muscle pain reduced as compared to not taking the supplements and lastly, I lost the fat and did not bulk up at all!

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5) Long-Lasting :
A protein shake, even if taken daily, will last a month or two which is great for its price. That way, you will still be following a healthy routine and not worry about jumping to junk thanks to the whey protein already there waiting for you to consume it 😛

Tips :
1) I won’t advise you to consume whey protein if you’re only doing cardio. The reason is that, when you’re doing cardio (walking, cross-trainer, cycling, etc.) you’re not burning a lot of protein and if you consume whey protein, there will be an excess of it in your body with nowhere to go, ending up being converted into fat. So it’s always better to consume it while you’re weight training.
2) Don’t consume it as a substitute of your 3 main meals. Have it pre-workout or after your workout or when you’re hungry in between meals.

Hope you found my review helpful! Thank You for reading 😀

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5 thoughts on “All About Protein Supplements and Weight Loss

  1. Excellent post, I seriously dont follow why women think weight training and protein mean bullky body
    My dietitian asked me to avoid certain protein powders in milk …

  2. I totally agree with you! I tooo lost 5kgs in a month what a coincidence! Even I did weight training infact I loveee weights muchh much more than cardio.
    I would like to say that Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey Protein is the besttt option!

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