All about Washing Face in the Right Way

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How are you doing? I had a tough time dealing with every kind of exam stress and being back to IMBB is such a relief! Let’s start with today’s post, which will help you determine if you are washing your face right. We always take extra care of our face. Cleansing the face may seem very simple but there are actually a lot of tricks to it. So here we bring to you, a few pointers to keep in mind while washing your face.

washing face

The right cleanser

The right cleanser should remove all dirt, grime and sweat without taking away your skin’s oils. Depending on your skin type, chose the perfect pH balanced cleanser for your face. A foaming or gel cleanser is recommended for oily skin while a creamy one for dry skin.

Clean hands or washcloth

Many people tend to miss this step, thus re-depositing dirt and grime on the face. For effective cleansing, you need to make sure that you have cleaned your hands first or that you are using a clean washcloth.

Remove makeup before cleansing

removing makeup

It may seem obvious, but most regular cleansers alone won’t sufficiently dissolve heavy-duty sunblock and long-wearing makeup. So remove your makeup with a good makeup remover and cotton pads or cleansing cloths before washing.

The right temperature

Do you too think that hot water opens pores while cold water closes it? Well, that is a myth you need to stop believing because pores do not open or close. In fact, extreme temperatures can aggravate problems like redness and rosacea. Use lukewarm water for best results.

Do not over-exfoliate

face scrubbing

Exfoliating is a good practice to slough off dead skin cells, but over doing it can create problems instead. Avoid using harsh grains and use a gentle scrub. Try to use sugar scrubs/fruits and stick to exfoliating 2-3 times per week. Also, use your hands instead of washcloth for exfoliating as it will check tugging and pulling of skin.

Exercise, not massage

Massaging may feel nice on the face but it does not do as much to improve your facial glow. Exercise helps boost blood circulation. When it comes to glow, trust me it is all about a healthy lifestyle.

Get rid of cleanser completely

Meaning, rinse properly to avoid any residue build-up. Especially the nose, jawline and hairline as these areas tend to be the most neglected ones.

Wash twice a day, no exceptions

face washing

You need to at least wash your face twice, once in the morning to wash away any sweat or dirt that gathers on your face while sleeping and once in the night to cleanse any make-up and grime collected throughout the day. Also wash post workouts to prevent breakouts.

Know your ingredients

Always read the ingredients list before buying any product. Stay away from irritants like fragrances, colors and parabens.

The right ways to cleanse, rinse, dry

Experts recommend starting at the corners of your mouth, gliding your fingertips, covered with cleanser up over your nose, onto your forehead, around the eyes, and down the cheeks until you reach your chin. For drying, always pat-dry instead of rubbing with a towel. If you are more acne-prone, use tissues instead of towels.

Know if you are using hard water

Hard water contains Calcium and Magnesium, which can react with a cleanser’s ingredients, so you don’t get that sudsy lather or a clean rinse. Simply spritz a generous amount of thermal spring water on freshly cleansed skin, and blot with a soft towel to absorb excess minerals.

Layer up on skin care products

moisturize face

After proper cleansing, make sure to apply your products while your skin is still damp. Try to incorporate a good toner along with a moisturizer to your routine. You may also use an eye cream and a serum over and above the above products. Above all, do not fear to use face oils.

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