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Here is list of questions and answers about lips and lipsticks that will help you achieve a flawless pout every time you go out. Read on to know more.

lipstick questions answered

What are a few good lipstick shades for Indian skin tones?

All the nudes, browns, corals and pinks can be used for daily basis. We can always go for vibrant pinks, reds, violets and berries for special occasions. Indian skin tones can carry most of the colours quite beautifully. Although, we need to stay away from something that is too brown as it won’t complement already brown skin.

How can I keep my lipstick from fading?

Dab a bit of foundation or concealer over the lips and lip line, which helps to fill in fine lines and gives the lip color something to adhere to. Then outline the sides of your lips with a neutral or colourless lip pencil. Then apply your lipstick.

Should I toss out my lipstick after having a cold?

The virus of common cold dies quickly and it can’t reinfect you. So you can use that lipstick again. But if you have persistent cold then it is always a good idea to buy a new lippie.

Is it OK to store lip balm with SPF in a glove compartment?

No it is not and especially during summer time. When the car heats up, the active ingredients start to degrade in the lip balm. When you apply the degraded lip balm, you will not be getting the same SPF from it.

How can I find a neutral shade of lipstick that looks good on me?

MLBB shade

Always buy a neutral lipstick when you are not wearing any makeup. Check the shade and how it looks on you in broad day light. Take in account your natural lip colour. The neutral lipstick should be more intense than your original lip colour and not lighter because it will make you look washed out.

How to remove long wearing lipsticks from your lips using Vaseline?

Generously apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Take a wash cloth or cotton pad and gently slide (don’t scrub) it off your lips. Most of the lip colour will come off. You can go for a second layer of Vaseline if needed.

How can I make my lips look bigger?

Use a lip liner in a color that matches your lips and outline your lips just a fraction outside your natural lip line. Choose paler colors in light – reflecting finishes and stay away from dark shades and matte textures, which make lips look smaller. Lastly, add a touch of gloss or highlighter to the centre of the bottom lip and the top of the bow to catch and bounce the light.

How do I pick the perfect red lipstick?

red lipstick

Poppy red and wine-colored reds suit most women. If you’re fair, choose a blue-based, cool crimson; if your skin is olive, try an orange-based, fire-engine red; and if you’re dark-complexioned, wear a deep, burgundy red.

Am I too old to wear red lipstick?

No one is too old to wear red lipstick. If someone is too uncomfortable to wear blood red shade then they always opt for different textures of lipstick and also with different shades of red.

Is there anything I can do if I don’t like the color of a lipstick?

You can always mix and blend it with another lipstick or gloss for a customised lip colour.

How can I stop my lipstick from drying out my lips?

Generously apply lip balm on your lips when you start doing your makeup. After you are done with everything, take a cotton ball and remove the lip balm and then apply your lipstick.

Do I really need lip liner under my lipstick?

lip liner application

This is one’s personal choice. There are no rules only guidelines when it comes to applying lip liner. A lip liner allows for your lipstick to stay on longer and give it a little more pop. If you want to give it a skip then go ahead by all means.

How can I prevent my lip pencil from breaking?

You can put lip pencils in the icebox before you sharpen them. It will give the tip a cleaner, sharper point and it will be less likely to break off.

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