All You Need to Know About Camouflage Makeup

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Camouflage makeup is the latest “IN” thing in makeup. Camouflage makeup deals with maximum level of coverage. It covers the major and minor skin imperfections. These skin imperfections can be both permanent and temporary in nature. And, the corrective makeup technique which is used to conceal these skin issues is termed as Camouflage makeup.

All You Need to Know About Camouflage Makeup

But you must understand that camouflage makeup is not applicable for all kind of skin imperfections. So, let’s find out what can be covered under camouflage makeup:
1. For facelift, rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty: Surgery
2. For fillers, dermal abrasion, laser: Dermatological treatments
3. For acne and acne scars, vitiligo, LES, Morphea: Skin Diseases
4. For birthmarks, moles, sunspots, traumatic scars, melisma: Temporary or permanent skin imperfections

But you must remember that following cannot be covered under camouflage makeup:
1. Acute phased dermatitis
2. Oozing skin lesions
3. Any known hypersensitivity
4. Lesions caused by infections

Makeup products to even out skin tone and complexion

Now, you might have heard in the market that many products qualify to fall under camouflage makeup, but that’s not the truth. Products which you can use under camouflage makeup should have the following:
1. Provide higher level of coverage to the skin.
2. Should come in a variety of shades.
3. Should be matte in nature.
4. Should not be made of any allergic or irritating ingredients.
5. Should be water resistant.
6. Should be long wearing.

Now, finally let’s have a final look at the detailed steps of how to apply a camouflage makeup:

1. Cleansing:

You must begin with cleansing your skin. Use a gentle cleanser like Ole Henriksen Face the Truth Gel Cleanser and clean any traces of dirt or makeup or any other residue from your skin. Let your skin air dry and then, prepare it for the next step.

2. Moisturisation:

All You Need to Know About Camouflage Makeup Moisturiser

Next comes the moisturisation part. Dehydrated skin won’t be able to conceal anything. So, you need to use a moisturizer which will keep your skin hydrated for a long time. You can use a moisturizer like L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti – Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Creamy Foam.

3. Neutralizing the Blemishes:

This steps aims to neutralize the colour of blemishes, so that you can bring it close to your normal skin colour and then going forward, you can reduce the need of makeup to counter the blemishes. For this, you need to follow the theory of colour wheel. The concealer or a neutralizer must be in opposite colour to the colour of blemish. Only then, it will completely neutralize the blemishes.

4. Foundation Application:

All You Need to Know About Camouflage Makeup Foundation

Now, you need to apply a foundation like Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation which will take care of your flawed as well as your normal area too. You need to choose the texture, so that your face looks all natural and your flawed areas are covered completely.

5. Final Touch:

Now, it’s time to set the makeup. Apply a powder like MAC Studio fix Powder Plus Foundation which will set your foundation and reduce the excess product on your face. Your face should look all natural and completely flawless.

6. Post Application

All You Need to Know About Camouflage Makeup Cleansing Oil

After finishing these steps in camouflage makeup, continue with your rest of the makeup as per your choice. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser like Bobbi Brown Soothing cleansing Oil, so that when you sleep your face should be devoid of makeup.

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