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Aren’t we just obsessed with getting fairer skin tone? The aim should be to get a clearer and healthier looking skin and not fairer skin tone. In today’s post, let’s answer all your queries about fairness and more!
Fair skin

Do fairness creams work?
When you use a good skin lightening cream, what it does is even out the skin tone and gets rid of skin pigmentation and then you feel you have gotten fairer, but these effects are definitely not permanent as you will get back to your usual skin tone when you stop using that product.

Do home remedies work to give a fairer-looking skin?
It’s the same case with home remedies! You will get the benefits and fair skin till the time you are using the treatment, but after that, your skin will get back to your normal complexion. So, it is going to be a constant effort if you want to get a shade or two lighter!

What are Aesthetic-whitening treatments?
They are treatments like IPL, lasers or chemical peel methods to get faster results for skin lightening. Yes, they do show results, but they also come with their own list of cons as they are all mostly chemical procedures and may or may not suit your skin.
Laser skin whitening

Are there any medicines to enhance fairness?
Yes, there are a few oral tablets and these tablets are known to prevent melanin synthesis in the body gradually, but they do have side effects and must strictly be taken under the guidance of a certified doctor.

Are salon facials effective?
Nowadays, salons provide various skin lightening treatments like photo-rejuvenation or microdermabrasion which claim to the lighten skin tone. You will need to get various sittings of these treatments to get desired results. These treatments could get bit expensive and not everyone can afford them. Also, the results sometimes look superficial and not at all natural.

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What are the side effects of using Hydroquinone?
This compound can inhibit the production of melanin in the skin and it is a skin bleaching agent. These were the pros, now let’s look at the cons! It can make your skin sensitive, thinner and can cause inflammation. It can also cause hypo pigmentation, which is a complete lack of colour in the skin.

Is there any way to enhance fairness in the long term?
You need to change your lifestyle habits and you will also need to take very good care of your skin to achieve long-lasting results. Start with using SPF 30 or higher. Keep your skin well moisturised and whatever you use be regular with it and try to keep your skin covered when you are outdoors.

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