All you Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo

Permanent tattoos can also give you the perfect shaped eyebrow according to your need and it would look differentiated from the real ones too. Eyebrow tattoo is recommended especially for people who have less hair growth or perhaps didn’t get a good tattoo yet. The inter-dermal eyebrow micro pigmentation cosmetic eyebrow tattooing refers to the cosmetic procedure which utilizes permanent pigments (tattoos) on the dermis to produce the effect of wearing a makeup. Before you opt for eyebrow tattoos make sure you go through the post and take a decision.

All you Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo

This is not like the normal makeup where you can fix a screw up if any problems. Eyebrow tattooing requires an expert professional who would make sure not to commit any mistake while making the tattoo. A bit of here and there can land you in trouble so always search for a professional or an expert eyebrow tattoo artist. These artificially made eyebrows are same like tattoos which tends to fade as the time passes by. It needs a retouch after a few months or an year.


The exact time for the procedure may take upto 1-2 hours which also depends upon the tattoo parlor and the equipment the artist is using. Before you start with the tattoo, you need to design the eyebrow shape and decide the color which has to be artificially implanted there. Don’t worry your artist will do that for you, all you need to do is be extra cautious about the selection because if the brows are even a little uneven or asymmetrical, the design of the tattoo can completely ruin the look. On the other hand, if you are successful in choosing the perfect one, no one can stop them from flattering your face.

All you Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo

When the actual process begins, expect the permanent pigment color you chose to be injected to your top dermis layer, just below the epidermis, using a needle that could be vibrating. As it enters or pierces your skin, it releases some tiny drops of the pigment to the hole it just created. The process is slightly painful, it is comparable to the pain you get while plucking your eyebrows and it is likely to cause some skin redness and swelling. However, if the technician uses a good local numbing anesthesia, expect little or no pain at all.  Immediately after the procedure, you might get a slightly darker look. After a week to three, your skin will heal completely, the initial color due to needle piercing will disappear and the color shade you chose will start appearing.

All you Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo

You can surely go back to the expert if any area has not been done properly. It is always recommended to get a touch up done in the next 7-8 weeks of the appointment. You can use the icing method to calm down the pain and irritation over the skin. Stay away from the chemical creams.

All you Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo

Benefits of getting an eyebrow tattoo:

  • They are the best solution for people who have lost their eyebrows comple
  • They are time savers as you just need to get a touch up after 8 weeks of the pervious appointment.
  • They are beneficial as you get the desired look of your eyebrow according to the face.

Disadvantages of getting an eyebrow tattoo:

  • You will have to live with this permanent eye brow as getting rid of them is quite costly and painful too.
  • Generally eyebrow tattooing tend to sag your skin.
  • They are costly and little painful too.

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  1. Omg! Seems so painful but so worth it for people who have sparse brows. People must visit a good professional otherwise they’ll have to love with wrong shape.

  2. Oh no, I would like to stay with my natural brows however it will only benefit the ones with not-at-all brows. One wrong choice and look can be ruined so people should be extra careful.This article was really informative cause I never heard of eyebrow tattoo. 🙂

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