All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

The beauty trend has witnessed the growing popularity of mineral makeup in women and they just love it, says profession makeup artist. You might have heard about the budget you need to support if you are opting for mineral makeup, they are expensive. Talking about the makeup budget, today every professional artist and makeup man may charge you more for mineral makeup, but what’s special with mineral trend these days? Well, let’s see what makes mineral makeup so special and whether they are really worth the price?

All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

1. Best for Acne prone skin

All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

Whether you have an acne prone skin or a sensitive one, both are considered to be troublesome as they call for great attention and quick reaction. If you feel grumpy just because your skin doesn’t support makeup and you can’t do it like other girls, Mineral Makeup is a boon to you here. They are claimed to be made with 100% mineral ingredient which cause no harm to your skin and are skin friendly. Minerals are not new to anyone of us, and the demand of such mineral product has increased due to thirst of girls with troublesome skin.

2. What to check in ingredients?

All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

Yes it says it is Mineral based but is it? Most of the brands with mineral base ingredient claim to have 100% of natural mineral in them, but that’s not always true. Check in with the list of ingredients used and make sure that they all are natural ingredients. Just because they are costing you big bucks and are natural, it does not mean it may be beneficial for your skin. Bismuth oxychloride is one such ingredient which is not good for the skin. So don’t be fooled just because it has 100% mineral imprinted on its cover in bold letters.

3. Dry Skin

All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

There is a beauty Myth with people using mineral makeup regarding dry skin. They say using mineral makeup on dry skin end up with drier skin. But this is not always; it depends on you and your choice of products. It sometime may happen your skin does not like the product or may see changes due to any skin problem you have. Still, if you find the skin dry, you can buy a hydration spray. Many reputed companies provide hydration spray for skin either free with the product or at a cheaper price.

4. Natural protection against Sun

All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

The best thing you should know about mineral makeup, is that they give an all-time protection from sun whether it is a lipstick or a moisturizing cream. Many mineral products use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are well known for their fighting potential. It does not even encourage bacterial growth on your skin which most of the artificial made products do.

5. Application

All You Need To Know About Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup can be used differently with techniques from the traditional makeup we use. The most important and good news to the buyer, is that a little quantity applied goes on for long hours comfortably. You don’t need to reapply anything again and again. The tip here is, you should clean your skin before you apply any of the mineral based products and do not use any other product before or after applying mineral based creams. The benefit observed here is that they don’t even clog the pores and irritate your skin.

It is also said mixing colours are easy to do with Mineral makeup, so you can make your customized colour palettes. To start with mineral makeup, you can try Colour stay Aqua Mineral Revlon, it is a long wearing makeup product, fresh coconut and essentials vitamins for the skin. It is fun using mineral based products. Give it a try.

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  1. Mineral makeup is good for oily and acne-prone skin I have heard, but I haven’t tried much of it except for a foundation powder. Good post Rima 🙂

  2. Really…you explained everything related to mineral makeup. I especially liked the ingredients part.
    I have a mineral loose powder.

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