All You Need To Know About Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials are a beauty hit today! Even if you have heard about oxygen facial, you would be unaware about the procedure and the benefits it can deliver. As of now, oxygen facials are introduced only in fully equipped beauty salons and parlors, and the procedure is carried out by a certified beautician. Let’s know something more about the facial treatment, its procedures and how well does it work.

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Oxygen facial is mostly carried out by a pen like thing which is called air brush. As soon as the air brush is kept on the face it starts releasing oxygen in large amount which gets deeply penetrated into the skin. The air brush is continuously moved all over the face until the uppermost layer on the skin gets covered with oxygen.

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You can also pay some extra money to get vitamin, anti-ageing ingredients with oxygen on your face. The basic oxygen facial also produces oxygen to the skin, but if you feel your skin is drenching and dull, choose to pay something more and get a dose of vitamins on the face.
After the oxygen mask, anti-ageing serum is released on the skin with the help of airbrush which penetrates deeply inside the skin and also gets absorbed soon. Mostly, the air brush is penetrated with pressure near your skin so that the large sized molecules enters your skin well and proves beneficial.

Why You Should Opt for Oxygen Facial:

The biggest advantage of choosing oxygen facial is that the ingredients get penetrated directly into the skin in the form of molecules. Yes, many makeup products, face packs contain lot of beneficial ingredient which can help the skin to grow better and healthy, but the large molecular size restricts the penetration and get stuck only on the uppermost layer of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are common ingredients which are you found in anti-ageing creams and many other cosmetic products, but due to their large molecule size, again they do not pass through the skin which may sometime result even in clogged pores.

Oxygen facial helps to allow the skin to breathe freely and such facial feeds the skin with all the vital vitamins and ingredients which are required to maintain health and low by skin. The basic concept behind oxygen facial is to provide hydration to the skin which makes it glow and look flawless. It aims at providing nourishment through oxygen mask, creams and serum which are used during the process.

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What Results to Expect:

One sitting of oxygen facial does not exceed more than 60 minutes. After you have completed the oxygen facial procedure, you can feel that instant lift on your face. Also, the skin will not leave you with any disappointments. The face will look clean, glowing and a little plump.

If you have opted for new add ons along with oxygen, you should be prepared for the amazing results. Just imagine your cream can improve your face so instantly, what about inserting molecules directly into your skin tissues? If you need to look younger, you can opt for oxygen facial once in a month or two. I would recommend this for ladies with dull and dry skin and also for people who want to see an ever glowing face every day.

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• Provides hydration to the skin
• Improves skin texture comparatively
• Kills skin irritation and inflammation
• Provides shine and glossy look
• Fades fine line and wrinkles
• Retains the level of water on skin

Oxygen facial is a great treatment to be done which is little expensive, but can result in great benefit. The point here to be considered is the effect of first oxygen facial doesn’t last more than 15 days, however you can opt for a complete facial package which will surely bring the best out of you. If you have sensitive skin, you should first consult the expert.

Hope you all found the post useful and would surely want to get it done in near future. Also, if you have experienced this amazing facial, let us know your experience in the comments section. 🙂

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