Allergy/ Infection from Artificial Earrings: Ask IMBB

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Angela asks:

Hey IMBB team!

I need a little help with this thing. I really really love wearing artificial earrings matching my dress colors but the problem is I get earlobe infection in like 3 days of continuous usage. I usually remove them by after I get home and clean my skin but in any case it infection stays on. I would really like to get some home remedy for this (other than advice on not wearing artificial ones :P)


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13 thoughts on “Allergy/ Infection from Artificial Earrings: Ask IMBB

  1. Even i hve same issue!!! In d begining my doctor gave me antibiotics and an ointment… antibiotics finished bt i use d ointment every time before and aftr wearing any oder earing!!! the ointment it T-bact!! u cn consult ur doctor regarding dis!!! 🙂

  2. I know. I suffer from the same! Except Gold earrings, whatever metal earrings I wore used to give me allergic reaction. Then I found out the simplest solution with which I could wear the junk jewellery without fear of allergy.
    The thing is that NEVER EVER EVER buy cheap fancy earrings from roadside shops. They use cheap nickel wires to make earrings which will cause allergy.
    Even if it’s costly, buy artificial earrings from a reputed jewellery shop, like an imitation jewellery sellers?
    Like in malls or say stores like pantaloons have a accessories section where you’ll get lot of earrings and stuff.
    Try it. It worked for me. *woot*

    1. Regarding home remedies, apply pure aloe vera gel. It’ll reduce the redness and itching.
      You can apply haldi+til oil paste too. Turmeric is natural anti septic.
      Also you can use boroline or boroplus.
      I wont advice using medicated creams as T-bact coz you shouldnt use it regularly.

  3. Try to buy earrings that are hypoallergenic so there is less likelihood of them causing an allergic reaction. Usually this is mentioned on the packaging. Avoid wearing artificial jewellery for long periods of time.

  4. hey, i love earrings to such a great extent but ive had this problem for all my life! i even get itching on my wrists or neck if i wear artifiical bracelets or neckpices for long :/ ive never found a solution, i just try to buy most of my earrings and stuff in silver. ive heard painting the part of the earring that touches the skin with clear nail polish so it forms a thin layer n doesnt come in contact with skin, ive never tried it though! also, even despite this problem i still cant resist myself from buying pretty stuff 😛 ive discovered earrings from forever 21 and accessorize dont cause any reaction maybe their material is of good quality or something.

  5. I too am allergic to artificial jewellery. Even Wratting it day long causes pus and infection. I use boroline and then use a small neem twig in my ears so that the holes don’t close in. Also neem twig is anti bacterial and curative. Make sure you use a green twig and not dried up one.

  6. Hey girls! Thanks a lot for the suggestions. 🙂 i guess ul go with trying aloe vera gel. And abt turmeric n haldi- wont u end up with yellow earlobes *waaa* ?? And abt neem aticks my mom used to keep curry leaves ka sticks when we were kids..guess any stick works for that matter !

  7. Hey girls!!!! Use VICCO turmeric cream…. Its really effective. I am allergic to metals other than gold and silver. So, I cant use ordinary safety pins, bangles or anything in imitation jewellery. I develop rashes within hours and those rashes develop into open wounds and start bleeding if I wear imitation jewellery for long hours. Thank god I heard from my room mate that vicco turmeric is good and tried it. Its simply amazing. Use it after u remove your immitation jewelery. 🙂 🙂

  8. The easiest solution to PREVENT this is to apply a clear nail polish on the back of earings to cause a barrier between the metal and your skin.
    You may need to reapply the nailpolish when it wears off but this is the best solution.
    I have the same problem and i havr recently coated all my earrings with a nice clear nail polish.

  9. Hey friends,
    I think every second girl is facing such problem and so am I. The remedy that worked for me is sophramycin ointment ….I put a coat of this medicine on my ear before I wear artificial earrings ….or sometimes a casual application of mustard oil may also prove to be beneficial::::::::)))

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