8 Amazing Baby Oil Uses for Grown Ups

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How have you been? I had a pretty great last week, hope you guys also had a good one. It feels pretty good when the whole week goes pretty nicely, hain na? Anyways, coming to today’s topic, today I am going to share with you how baby oil can help us, in everyday routine, and trust it does wonder for us as well. I was watching an advert of baby oil, and they were saying how the oil is perfect for the soft and sensitive skin of a new baby, that got me thinking. A baby’s skin is no doubt very soft and sensitive, so if the said product will obviously have good or few chemicals which is good the sensitive and new skin, it should also fare well for us too, and we know how soft a baby’s skin can be.

So I immediately bought the staple baby oil i.e. Johnson’s baby oil the very next day, and started using for various purposes daily. I have been using it since and it has been 3 months and I am a loyal customer of it. Here, I am going to share some points how you can also incorporate baby oil for daily rituals.

Massage– you can use the baby oil for massage purposes. I use it every day on my face, neck, hand and feet before going to bed. Don’t take a lot for your face; use 3-4 drops, that is enough. Massage for 2 mins and leave it. The oil gets absorbed completely, there is no chip-chip wala thing left, all that is left is a shinier you.

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• After manicure/pedicure- when you have those at home mani/padi thing, your hand and feet do get dry, sometimes moisturizer doesn’t quite worked for me, but this was magical. You use a few drops on your hand and feet and leave them to dry naturally, don’t wipe or wash. The oil will get absorbed completely leaving your hands and feet soft as ever.

After bath moisturizer- just like a baby, apply the oil just after bathing. While your body is still a little wet, and allow drying completely. After the oil is absorbed, you won’t feel your skin craving moisturizer again.

• Cuticle softener– rub your cuticles with the oil for softer cuticles. Generally, after removing nail paint and rubbing with an about to be discarded lemon, I make sure that I rub my nails with baby oil. The dryness will be gone and your nails will become shinier and smooth as well.

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• Use it on your brows and lashes – I can’t vouch for this but I have noticed that after the regular use of baby oil for face massage my eye lashes thicker . I also pay more attention to my brow bones and my eye area while massaging.

• Use it after waxing- after all the cleaning post waxing, you can use the baby oil for moisturizing purposes. It leaves a really soft and supple skin.

• Use it to ditch makeup– there are days when you are not up to dragging yourself in front of the mirror and applying makeup, I get it, I go through it too. In those days I use baby oil. I apply 2 drops of oil on my face and I am ready to go. My face becomes shinier and soft. You can add 2 drops of baby oil to your foundations or BB cream, and that does it, you get a dewy look.

• Makeup remover– It also works great as a makeup remover. It is removes any sort of makeup pretty nicely, and for dry-skinned people like me, it actually is a boon.

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So these were some ways to incorporate baby oil in your daily rituals. After regular usage of this oil, my skin does feel soft and has a natural glow. I follow the massage daily after bath every day and during night ritual, I face massage every alternate day with baby oil. There, I have now given you the secret to the most asked question I face at parties/meetings. Try to add baby oil in your daily regime for a soft and supple skin like a baby.

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  1. I use it as a makeup remover and post waxing. Don’t have a baby at home, but my sister and I always keep it (and baby wipes) in stock. 🙂

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