Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is also known as hot yoga that was first introduced in India. It includes 26 postures and the session continues up to 90 minutes. Usually, the heat here is 40 degree Celsius, which is immense and the yoga is to be practiced in this heat. There are trained instructors to guide you properly with Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga delivers a distinct style of teaching within the nine weeks of guidance. There have been various researches done regarding Bikram Yoga, which resulted in the knowledge of its various health benefits. Here are a few health and beauty benefits of Bikram Yoga.

Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga


Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga
The heat inside the room will make the body flexible enough to reach various limits. There is special training given by the trainers that helps to strengthen the body. Many people believe that the heat helps the muscles to stretch easily.


Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga 3
The heat accumulated in the body helps to detox the organs on its own. The 26 postures helps to detox body organs and also toxins are carried out of the body by sweat. The heated room helps you to stretch more and get cardio benefit. The postures themselves are detoxifying for your muscles, organs and glands. The sweating further adds to it.


Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga 4
Out of the various 26 postures in Bikram Yoga, there are 3 breathing exercises that helps to improve the breathing. Various scientific researches have shown that there are considerable improvements in the breathing process amongst asthma patients. This form of yoga helps you to achieve full and controlled breathing in a perfect manner.


Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga 5
The main purpose of Bikram Yoga is to improve the healing power of the body. The postures involved in Bikram yoga helps to heal injuries rapidly and also prevent from further damage. It helps to reduce back and spinal pain. Bikram Yoga also helps to decrease the symptoms of diabetes and blood pressure.

Clean Skin:

Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga 6
Various dust particles accumulate on the skin leading to breakouts and problems. Upon undergoing a Bikram Yoga session, under immense heat, the sweat that is released carries out the dirt and dust out of the pores. We all are familiar with the benefits of sweating.

Weight loss:

Amazing Benefits of Bikram Yoga 7
This is one of the major benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga. It would help to lose more than 10 pounds in a week but there are strict rules to be followed after and before the yoga session. You are supposed to drink water, before and after the session, and you are not allowed to eat for an hour. It is advised to have seeds and nuts before the session. Bikram Yoga also helps you to be hydrated throughout the day which further aids in easy digestion and helps ot increase metabolic activities.

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  1. Bikram yoga is one of the most painful one too. I remember my yoga trainer once told me that he literally has to stand on one the person to open the joints and muscles and that a steam bath is a must after it. I would like to try it someday.

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