10 Amazing DIY Face Packs to Try Using Gelatin

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Gelatin is a must-have in every DIY skincare lover’s stash. It allows you to make amazing peel-off face masks. Along with its own natural benefits, it gets mixed with most other skin care ingredients beautifully. It generally does not irritate any kind of skin and you can mix it with anything according to your skin’s need. In this post, I will discuss 10 awesome gelatin based DIY recipes that you can try at home.

Gelatin Beauty Hacks

1. Water and Gelatin Mixture

This is the most basic gelatin face mask and can be used if you want to pull out the dirt from the skin. Often our pores are clogged with dirt and cleansers cannot remove them. If physical scrub is too harsh for you and your skin is sensitive for chemical peel, this one is a great option.

2. Milk and Gelatin


This is a great skin whitening peel of mask. The lactic acid removes dead cells and dirt effectively, revealing a fresh glowing skin. You can add turmeric to this pack and it also works to remove your facial hair.

3. Charcoal Powder and Gelatin

Not a big fan of the pore stripes for your blackheads? Well, this DIY peel-off mask is an amazing option for you. It effectively cleanses the blackheads and whiteheads. It also keeps the pores clean and prevents breakouts.

4. Yogurt and Gelatin

This is an another skin whitening peel-off mask. It is effective in removing tan and blemishes. Mixing yogurt with flour and gelatin gives you a super effective tan removing peel-off mask. You can use it twice a week to get effective result.

5. Baking Soda and Gelatin

This is an another basic chemical peel to remove the dead cells from the skin. It is great for all those with acne-prone skin who cannot use harsh chemical scrub. Baking soda also reduces pore size and refines the skin.

Gelatin Pack

6. Honey and Gelatin

This is a great nourishing and moisturizing peel-off mask for dry, sensitive skin. Honey makes the skin soft and smooth. It also soothes and calms down irritated skin. Often dry skinned beauties experience extreme dryness due to sun burn. This mask is a great antidote in such cases. You can add olive oil to the mask too for added moisturizing benefit.

7. Egg White and Gelatin

Egg white is a great source of nourishment and nutrients for any type of skin. It cleanses and nourishes the skin at the same time. This mixture when applied leaves the skin soft, smooth and naturally moisturized. It does not make the skin oily which suits even acne-prone skin.

8. Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Gelatin


This is a soothing, anti-ageing mask for all skin types. The aloe vera restores the skin hydration. The cucumber helps to smoothen out the wrinkles and fine lines too. This pack can be used once in every week. If you are in your mid twenties, add this peel as an anti-ageing recipe in your skin care routine.

9. Lemon and Gelatin Mask

Vitamin c is great for blemishes, scarred skin. But, vitamin C packs can be too harsh for the skin too. Diluting it with water and then making a peel-off mask using gelatin is an excellent way of incorporating vitamin C in your beauty routine. It helps to remove the scars and makes the skin brighter.

10. Green Tea and Gelatin


This is a great skin detox recipe. Often the pollution makes our skin very dull. This green tea peel-off mask helps to rejuvenate the skin and refreshes the skin. Boil the green tea leaves and then use the water to mix gelatin and create the peel-off mask.

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