8 Amazing Lipstick Shades for Office

It is really hard, when you have to strive for style, professional and personality at the same time. When it comes to choosing the right kind of lipstick, most of the woman are confused and end up looking weird. Most of the woman prefer going to work, without wearing lipstick because it can make them look unprofessional at times. Women are often worried, that their workplace culture may not appreciate their style quotient. For instance, woman should avoid wearing bold and vibrant color lipsticks at work because it is not the place to get appreciated for lipstick.

Lipstick Shades for Office

If you are worried about which lipstick shade is best to be worn at the office, here we have listed you some of them.


1. Mauve:


Mauve is a lipstick shade that goes best with all kind of skin tones. The positive quality of this lipstick shade is most preferred to be worn at the office and hence mauve is also known as the office color. It goes well with most of the daytime outfits. These lipsticks are good to be worn all the season around the year. We suggest Lakme Argan Oil Lipstick in Soft Mauve.

soft mauve Lakme

2. Orange pink


Orange pink lipsticks in matte shades, is a perfect lipstick to be worn at a workplace. Orange pink lipstick goes well with all kind of skin tones and shades and also they are highly pigmented. If you feel the lipstick is quite bold for your workplace, make sure you apply lightly and then dab some powder, to make it look light. A woman who is craving for offbeat and trending lipstick should opt for orange pink color.

3. Cinnamon color:


Cinnamon color is for those who are looking for shades of brown in lipsticks. Dark brown is too bold and funky to be worn at the workplace and hence choosing the cinnamon color is best. Cinnamon color lipsticks are completely opposite as they look great in glossy effect and not matte. It has a warm tone and give a light finish, which is perfect for a workday.

4. Soft pink:


Soft pink has always been the top of the lipstick colors, thanks to its subtleness and perfection. Soft pink gives girly look and feminine attitude and definitely go well, when worn at the workplace. Soft pink is lightly pigmented, which makes it perfect to be worn at the workplace. This color can be worn at any season and compliments well with all kind of outfit.

5. Peach:


Peach is a girly color, which most of the woman prefer to use. This pretty and feminine color, can be worn both for occasion as well as for office. This overwhelming color, compliments what you wear and also does not look bold at work. However, one negative point to consider with peach shade lipstick is, it does not blend well with dark lips and hence woman with dark shades should not consider using peach.

6. Beige:


Beige color sounds so trendy and it can complement with your day outfit. Beige color lipstick goes well with all skin tones and it looks perfect when worn in summer. Beige color is subtle which looks super rich when worn. Make sure you keep the color is matte finish rather than a glossy touch.

7. Coral:


Coral is sort of bold and funky color, than the rest but it can go well in an office environment when carried off well. Make sure you dab the lipstick lightly and then dab some baby powder or foundation over it, to look light and good. Coral colors are funky but they go well with your outfit. If you are applying coral color lipstick, make sure you keep the face neutral in order to pull the look off.

8. Rose:


When it comes to pink, rose pink is a gorgeous color, which can be worn at the workplace. Rose is a great color to be worn at work because the rose shade is sort of muted, but it actually manages to pop up wonderfully on the lips.

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