10 Amazing Makeover Tips from Bollywood Stars

By Maya Ramchandani

Hey guys

Today, I am in a mood to do a fun post about Bollywood, as I am so much into it. The other day, I was just going through a few pictures of my old friends and I noted the drastic changes that they have had. I wanted to have the same good kind of change in me too. Then, I thought of the Bollywood stars, who have been the biggest ever examples of great makeovers. I like those makeovers that are practically possible for me, unlike going for a plastic surgery or some pathetic facial like vampire facial.

So, let us just learn some basic makeovers tips from these Bollywood celebrities. The list is long because most of the Bollywood stars have had drastic changes in their looks, but I am going to list a few of them that seem practically possible to follow.

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Kareena Kapoor:

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There are so many weird and old pictures of Kareena Kapoor available online. When she initially stepped into Bollywood and started with fashion, makeup and stuff, she seemed to have highlighted her entire face, but as of today, she looks flawless. If you wish to have a drastic makeover, then you need to shed some extra kilos, get into the regular mani-pedi routine and also aim to have a flawless skin.

Her makeup and outfit choices have improved drastically from time to time. First thing to learn from Kareena Kapoor‘s makeover is to shed some extra kilos and love your body. Second, is to have makeup that looks good on your attire and not having layers of foundation along with sticky, oily and patchy makeup. If you love makeup, then you should know how to carry it. She carries herself amazingly these days. Third, do not just go crazy following trends, instead wear dresses that complement your body. Fourth, she had golden frizzy hair, but the best thing she did was coloring her hair back to black and now brown, which I personally love. Fifth, not to go mad over size zero. I did not even like Kareena Kapoor in size zero. Your weight should be according to your height and your body should look toned and proportionate to your bone structure.

Priyanka Chopra:

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As far as I have noticed, Priyanka Chopra never ever had any weight issues. She used to have the weirdest makeup in her early days. But now, things have changed and she has been like a makeover queen. Her dressing, her makeup and specially her hair style went from eww to wow.

First, if you have god gifted curves like Priyanka Chopra, then wear dresses that hug your waist to show your beautiful curves. Second, is the makeup. I don’t know why, most celebrities used to have disastrous makeup in their early days. I have always like no makeup look, at least for my daily outing or work, though the party time calls for smokey eyes and red lips. Makeup is done to embrace your skin and look flawless, it is not to make you look ten times fairer. Some people do not like their dusky complexion and they use a foundation shade that is 2 times lighter to their skin tone.

Deepika Padukone:

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Deepika Padukone’s transformation can be seen in a series of pictures from time to time. She did not change her body for anything. It is just her hair and makeup that make her look stunning. I really don’t know, what she does for her amazing hair, but someone with a puffy ponytail on a saree and still looking super sexy is something commendable. She even carried neon coloured saree so well. She was in news for having skin whitening treatments, but apart from that she has improved her dressing sense drastically.

First, one should experiment hairstyles according to their face shape. Second, I have usually seen her photos with a very clean, tidy and light makeup. She hardly goes for a loud makeup, which makes her look even more classy. Third, she accessorizes her outfits very well. That is something to learn from her. I have seen her wearing perfect jewellery, carrying the perfect bag and footwear according to the occasion and outfit.

Kajol Devgan:

Amazing Makeover Tips from Bollywood Stars 5

She has been so much in news of late because of her new makeover, which has given all of us the best of Kajol. When I saw her recent picture after such a long gap, I was really shocked.

I was so amazed to look at her wearing a satin gown in nude shade, which totally suited her. Before, we all know how she dressed. I really did not like Kajol initially, but now she looks gorgeous. I really need to know the secret of this change. One should learn from this gorgeous lady about wearing clothes and makeup according to the body type. She has not lost a lot of weight, but she has learned to wear clothes that complement her body. Second, she has started wearing light makeup, which makes her look super duper classy. Even her hair styles are perfect according to the occasion and outfit.

Karishma Kapoor:

Amazing Makeover Tips from Bollywood Stars 6

The two Kapoor sisters have rocked the Bollywood industry. I have seen drastic changes in both of these ladies. Their style, the way they carry themselves, their clothes, attire, accessories and everything looks amazing.

First, she has always had a zero figure, but she has learnt to love her curves. I have seen her mostly in traditional outfits and she has rocked every look. About her makeup, you can clearly see that she has learnt some awesome highlighting and contouring techniques.

Kangana Ranaut:

Amazing Makeover Tips from Bollywood Stars 7

This beautiful lady brought no change to her body and skin, but she took time to embrace her natural beauty and now that she has, she looks wow. She has just changed the way she dresses and carries herself. She is more into nude and light makeup these days, which totally suits her.

First, her makeup is usually light and neutral, which makes her look naturally pretty. Second, her lovely curly hair. Open hair or puffy hairdo makes you look good, but you should try different hair styles and hairdos as your hair is the only asset that makes you stand out every time. Kangana Ranaut used to keep her hair open always and all the time on every type of attire, which made her look super boring and clumsy. But now that she has started to carry herself well, she looks better.

Besides the makeover tips from all of these ladies, there are some basics that we all know as well, but we don’t try them and end up looking boring. Looking different is always loved by everyone .Try out these basic tips and you would really get noticed. You need to study your body and skin first and then try to work on the problems rather than covering them.

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7 thoughts on “10 Amazing Makeover Tips from Bollywood Stars

  1. The Kapoor sisters’ makeovers have been amazing! Manish Malhotra literally changed their life; I also need him desperately though. 😛 It was a fun post, liked reading it. 🙂

  2. Interesting Post, but I am surprised that you did not mention the key factor that changed Kajol, Karishma and Kangana’s looks drastically – the way they did their eyebrows! It is something that many of us tend to ignore either due to busy schedules, sheer laziness or maybe overdo it (Kangana). But eyebrows shaped correctly can bring about a huge change in our looks.

    1. yes you are exactly right. i was just going through this post and i noticed kangna ranaut and karishma kapoor’s eyebrow. seriously, amazing change. this tiny little thing makes such a big difference.

  3. I like deepika and kareena. I think Kajol would have done the skin lightening surgery (though she keeps bluffing that its a stay at home surgery). No way you can go this many shades lighter by just staying inside home. I used to like her before but not now. I cant imagine that an actor of such class was finally uncomfortable in her own skin and changed it. sighhh

  4. yes anita.. u r right. there are many who have gone for skin whitening and lightning treatment but still there are quite a lot of makeover tips like carrying yourself well, dressing, accessories etc to learn from these actresses. rest. i agree to your point

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