9 Ways to Get Amazing Skin without Trying Too Hard and Spending Too Much

Hi my lovely ladies,

How have you all been doing? Looking beautiful with a flawless, amazing skin is something we all can’t stop dreaming about. However, sometimes it comes at a really heavy price. Whether the price you pay is in terms of the amount you need to shell out of your wallet or give in terms of time, it creates an obstruction in our path to beauty. Therefore, for all you girls who want to get that flawlessly beautiful skin without trying too hard or spending too much, here is a cheat sheet of 9 tips.

Amazing Skin Without Trying

Get an ice facial

Icing your face can be one of the most refreshing and inexpensive beauty habits at your disposal. Try icing your face before going to bed every day. Ice works as a natural toner which will tighten your pores and improve blood circulation on your face. Hence, it gives you a naturally blushed and healthy complexion.

Practice head inversion

Yoga is supposed to have given all our Bollywood celebrities a crystal clear complexion and you can get it too. You just need to practice head inversion poses for five minutes every day. Think poses like the downward dog. Just like the inversion technique for hair growth, inversion yoga poses will help all the oxygen and nutrients and blood flow to your face, giving it the ‘bright from within’, crystal clear glow. And, the best part is that it’s free and will take only 5-10 minutes of your day.

Sip some detox water

detox water in mason jar

Toxins, toxins, toxins. This is one of your biggest enemies in the quest to an amazing, pimple and blemish-free skin. We tend to apply many topical creams and products but what is within is bound to crop up on the surface. Clearing our blood from impurities that we consume in the form of junk can be a step towards the amazing skin. Therefore, the simplest detox water recipe is the cut some cucumber slices, mint and lemon in a jar of water, leave it overnight, and sip away the water.

Massage your face every time you moisturise

Improved blood circulation is the secret to great skin. Therefore, the best way of getting that done every day without too much of a hassle is to massage your face every time you moisturise. Concentrate on applying the pressure of your fingers around your jaws and your cheekbones and be blessed with a smooth, wrinkle-free skin by making it an everyday habit. Massage your skin every day to get that oxygen in your skin and boost collagen production.

Take a hot shower for under eye puffiness

woman looking into mirror

A hot water shower is not only the most relaxing way to unwind after a long day but also can be a great addition to your beauty routine. The heat from the water will help dilate and relax the swollen lymphatic vessels around your eyes and drain all the fluids out; the vertical position will help them flow out of your face, to be precise. However, remember to keep a line of distinction between hot and boiling and scalding hot to prevent burnt skin in the process.

Try a simple DIY paste for blackheads

Every college-going girl or most of us ladies can’t seem to get rid of these ugly blackheads that keep peeking out of your noses. Since deep pore cleansing and nose strips might not always be cost or time efficient, all you can do is try a simple DIY paste. Use a tablespoon of granulated sugar and baking soda mixed with two tablespoons of water to form your paste and apply it on your nose after washing it normally. Keep it for a while and then scrub it off to get a blackhead-free skin.

Use egg whites to keep wrinkles at bay

egg and egg white

Anti-ageing treatments and creams might not be for everyone but a simple and effective egg white mask sure is. Follow a weekly routine of separating the whites from an egg and just apply it on your face. This simple one-ingredient mask will act as an astringent, hence will tighten and firm your skin and act as an age eraser. Along with that, all the proteins and nutrients will work on giving your skin that extra glow and brightness, too.

Get that beauty sleep

The simplest, easiest way to wake up to a plump, rosy, and bright skin is to get that extra zzz. Our hectic lifestyles make us cut down on the most essential and effective health and beauty treatment, that is 8-10 hours of sleep. Get that beauty sleep and get amazing skin in no time by letting your skin get the time to heal and repair itself.

Include skin superfoods


You are and you will forever be what you eat. Therefore, eat the superfoods to get that glowing skin without spending a million bucks. Try to add foods like beets in your diet, for example. They contain a compound called lycopene which improves the elasticity of your skin and prevents sun damage. Carrots, broccoli, strawberries, green tea and a number of foods will help you get that glow shine from within.

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