6 Amazing Skincare Tips to Get Perfect Legs

By Chanchala Bose

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A pair of immaculate and beautiful legs is imperative. No one can stop looking at it. Moreover, being in fashion and making style statement will be so much easier; you can wear mini skirt or gown it does not matter. You can just flaunt your legs and get appreciated. To add to it you can become centre of attraction if you have pair for well proportioned and spotless legs. Not all are blessed with comely legs, but you can still achieve sexy looking legs if you follow the necessary steps and give right amount of attention.

Perfect legs

To begin with, you must realize beauty is not confined to your upper body part. Obviously women feel that they should take more care of their facial skin but one should not avoid legs. Having irresistible pair of legs is equally important. Read on the article to know more.

1. Exfoliation

Needless to say our legs and feet are the most used body parts. As a result dead cells accumulate more on the feet and legs. This layer can cause serious skin problems and blemishes. Blocked pores can also lead to rashes and small breakouts. If you want your legs to look like you favorite actor, you must exfoliate them daily. Exfoliate and rub some essential oils during bathing. You can do this with loofah or any other material that is soft on skin. In fact, this homemade coffee scrub works best to exfoliate skin and make it super smooth.

2. Moisturize

moisturizing legs

You can have soft supple and smooth looking legs only if you moisture them perfectly. Use moisturizers according to your skin type and climate. It is recommended to use gel based moisturizers if you are having normal to oily skin and living in a tropical climate. You can use cream based moisturizer if your skin is dry and you are living in cold regions. Whatever the situation is, you must not be careless about the skin of your legs. In fact, you can use basic baby oil to moisturize legs and make it smooth

3. Essential oils

lavender oil

Using natural way to take care of your legs can be the best possible way. Essential oils are easy to use and they get absorbed by the skin easily. It leaves the skin glowing while providing important nutrients to the deeper skin layers.

4. Pedicure

getting pedicure done

Pedicure is a methodical approach of removing the top layers of the skin, thereby revealing soft and supple skin that lies underneath. However, if proper attention is not given you may develop foot cracks and bleeding nails over a longer period of time. It is one of the most essential beauty regimens for all. According to latest studies dead cells, clogged pore, dust and germs are mostly present on legs. This layer doesn’t get removed easily even if you clean it every day. It requires professional attention. Therefore, you must visit your salon at least once in a month and go for pedicure.

5. Nourish them with vitamins

Topical vitamins are available over the counter and it is best approach to skin care. Not only the appearance of your legs will improve but also you will have a healthy skin. Apply cream that contains aloe vera, vitamin A, B complex, C and E. These complex vitamins can also save your skin from sun damage.

6. Wax and not shave

post waxing skin care

Contrary to the popular belief, you must always wax and never shave. This is because shaving removes the upper part of the hair follicle and it leaves the skin surface rough, dry and harsh. Wax on the other hand rips off the entire hair shaft and also cleanses the pores of the skin. This is why your skin shines after you wax. Additionally, razor can make your skin thick over period of time and you may experience frequent cuts and blood clots.

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