11 Amazing Tips to Fully Use Up Beauty Products

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

These days inflation is at all-time high and buying beauty products cannot be an impulsive decision any more. It should be a well-planned, tried and tested decision. After all makeup and beauty products are more like an investment these days; you are shelling out a huge sum of money in them.

So, when you plan a lot and test it well before buying a product. Why not use it fully and completely before you bid final goodbye to the product. I am sure you all agree with me on this point. So, here I would like to present you with some easy peasy but extremely important tips which can help you save big bucks and with which you can use the beauty products till the last bit. Read on to be not only a beautiful but a smart shopper as well –

1. Foundation

Foundations today cost hell lot of money. Thanks to Rati, we have really high expectations in terms of foundations these days. All IMBB lovers don’t settle for anything lower than MAC or Bobbi Brown and likewise. And when you are at the last drop of your foundation, don’t throw it. Add some drops of your face moisture and shake it vigorously. May be you can get some foundation stuck on the nooks and corners of the bottle.

2. Cut them out

Before you throw any of the makeup or skin care product which comes in tube packaging just cut them once. I am sure you will get lots of products stuck in the corners. With this you can easily survive a week or so.

3. Pressed powder

Give a new life to your pressed powder by sticking a tape to it and removing it after some time. Sometimes pressed power hardens because of your facial oil. So, the tape will remove the hard layer at the top and you will get lots of product inside.

4. Eye shadow

Revive the eye shadow palette by adding some rubbing alcohol drops and rub it with a small cotton ball. This will bring the eye shadow to life.

5. Crushed eye shadow

fixing broken eye shadow

Time to fix a crushed eye shadow with some alcohol and set it with spoon; this will turn the eye shadow into a thin usable paste and you can use it again.

6. Lip gloss

Sometimes the rubber packaging which is common in few lip glosses can help you take out the last bit of product. You can apply it directly on your lips and set it with the brush or even use your fingers for the application.

7. Eye shadow into lip colour

If you love an eye shadow on your lips then this is for you. Dilute the eye shadow with a bit of alcohol or spirit on the spoon and then apply the thin layer as a lip colour.

8. Refrigerate

I have seen my mother do it but never believed the logic. But that’s true. Keeping nail paints, perfumes in refrigerator will elongate their life.

9. Perfumes

Add some drops of your favorite perfume to your body lotions. This will give a new way of adding fragrance to your body.

10. Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The same way you take care of your makeup similarly you should take care of the makeup tools too. Add some drops of olive oil and sanitize them regularly to use them for long.

11. Nail paints

Sometimes the brush-cap of the nail paint hardens so what you should do is, dip the top of the nail paint into warm water and the cap will automatically open. Also if the nail paint thickens up over time, add a few drops of thinner to get back the usable consistency.

So, these were some of the tips and tricks on how to use the makeup till the last drop; as we all say “paisa vasool”. Let me know if you loved the article reading it as much as I loved writing it in the comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “11 Amazing Tips to Fully Use Up Beauty Products

  1. Thanks, Chanchala for the paisa vasool tips. ??????
    It’s true when you buy high end products and then cannot use it or finish it completely. Reminds me of my Clinique lip treatment which I have to literally dig out form the lipstick tube to finish it.

    I do follow some of these tricks. But once you cut the tube you have to use the lipgloss or the face cream or face wash, storing it probably could be unhygienic, if not transferred into a clean jar or container.

    Also the nail paint loses its original shine and lustre, once the thinner is added. I have never tried refrigerating my nail paints, will try that one out. May not need to add the thinner than…. Thanks & Cheers!

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