10 Amazing Tips to Keep Hair Fabulous for an Entire Week

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

I know all of us dream of fab and healthy hair just like Rati. But I am sure even Rati would have her bad hair days. So, today’s post is dedicated to how we can survive with a great looking and healthy hair for an entire week.
Well, I know all of you might think that this is not possible. But yes it is. Let me share with you some easy-peasy tips and tricks on how to have great hair for an entire one week.

1. Oil your hair

Oils are like super foods for your hair. And with daily pollution and exposure to heat and styling tools oils are extremely important. So, don’t forget to oil your hair and try go for at least one overnight treatment.

2. Cover your hair with scarves

Whenever you step outside with hairs open, covering your hair with a scarf is a must. It will prevent your hair from the pollution, dust and adverse climatic conditions.

3. Heat protectant serum is a must

hair spray

Whenever you are exposing your hair to any kind of styling which involves heat then using a heat-protectant serum is must. It will act as a shield and protect your hair from heat damage.

4. Minimize hair styling

The more you style your hair with variety of tools you torture your hair and you are causing more and more damage to it. Just keep it natural.

5. Pop some vitamins

Vitamin supplements are a must in today’s life. And if you want to keep your hair healthy in long run then don’t forget to have daily doses of vitamins. You can get them at any regular medicine store.

6. Don’t comb wet hair

Combing your wet hair is strictly against maintaining your hair’s health. Let your wet hair air dry; I even suggest not using wide toothed combs too. Just let it air dry and then you can comb it.

7. Avoid hair dryers

You should avoid hair dryers a much as possible. It is best to let your hair dry normally in air. If you are in emergency then you can use hair dryers but usage of heat protectant is a must in that case.

8. DIY hair treatment

applying hair mask

Once a week you must go for a DIY hair treatment. And it should be 100% natural and not the market bought ones. You can prepare a nourishing hair mask with all the natural products in your kitchen or may be in your garden.

9. Pillow rules

Satin pillow case is a must if you are in love with your hair. Sleeping on a satin pillow case will make your hair shiny and soft. Also, you must have at least two pillow cases for a week. You need to use one for every three days only.

10. Try different braids

Have you witnessed how our mothers or even people in villages have wonderful hair? That is because they use to keep their hair tied for a long time. And today when we have different style of hair braids then what not embrace stylish braids on your hair.

So, why not begin with these hair loving tricks from today itself. Suggest us more hair care tips and tricks in the comments below.

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