7 Amazing Tips To Look Flawless While On the Go

By Chanchala Bose

Irrespective of being a male or a female, everybody wants to look good. But the need is even higher for women as they are ‘expected’ to look flawless and pretty almost all the time. Well, here is the catch. It is as easy as it can get. It just requires patience and some practice. With so many beauty products in the market, it is not easy. Just pick the ones that suit your skin and your style and you are good to go. But it becomes hard sometimes when you are in a flight or in a car. Well, here are some quick and easy fixes that you need to make in order to look gorgeous while moving and here they are.

Flawless While On the Go

1. Moisturize

We can’t stress enough on the need of moisturizing your face every now and then. You see the outside weather can be cruel sometimes and your delicate skin many not like it too much. So moisturizing is the answer to everything. Whether the weather is cold, hot or humid you need to just, keep moisturizing.

2. No foundation

This may seem hard enough for some women out there who are addicted to the foundation. But there is this thing that is known by some of the best beauty experts that foundation, if applied regularly can also damage the skin especially when you are on a go where you can’t even do it delicately or peacefully.

3.Affordable spa treatments

spa treatment

Spas can do wonders for the skin and overall mental and psychological health of a person and that is why they are getting popular day by day. While on a go, you can go down to any affordable spa and get relaxed for a few minutes. Most of them are surprisingly pocket friendly and you may enjoy relaxing out your skin.

4. Blotting paper is cool

If we talk about a woman’s best friend while they are outdoors, blotting paper would easily take the first spot for a number of reasons. They are suckers of the extra oil that gets collected on the face and keeps giving away a creepy shine to the face. They are easy to carry around and fun to use even when you are on a go.

5. Hair braids

braiding hair

Everyone knows how to make a hair braid. And in case you don’t, there are numerous videos on the YouTube that would teach you to turn your hair in flawless braids and buns. Just practice and you will master the trick in no time. Other than looking cool, they provide great comfort in the hot or humid weather.

6. Cleanser care

There are some harmful chemicals that are there in most of the skin cleansers that are present in Asia. The Asians are known to be obsessed with white skin and they don’t really care if the whitening products that they have been using are carrying some cancer inducing substances. They are careless but you are not, so always make it a habit to take a look at the ingredients on the pack before buying them.

7. Learn how to do it with fewer products

Accept the fact, you aren’t really going to travel with whole of your make up kit along with you. So choose wisely before going out about what are the products that you really need. Don’t pack unnecessary stuff and this habit may come in really handy later on.

All these tips that we have mentioned usually vary from person to person and don’t necessarily apply to everyone. But in the need of the hour, a few of them may come in really handy and act as a lifesaver.

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