Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

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Today I have come up with a post on travel time skincare. Since the summer vacation time is on, I feel it is apt to share this post now. Most of us travel any ways on business etc…so this post will help all travelling beauties.

Surprisingly, while most of us focus on skincare in our daily routine, we tend to completely neglect our skin at the time of travelling. This is in fact the time when we should take care of our skin the most, as we expose ourselves to a whole lot of stress and foreign surrounding.


Below ,I have penned down a couple of travel time skin care tips that I have learnt and adopted over a period of time, and I feel that they have made a world of difference to me.

So, here goes..

1. Organize Your Living Space And Pack Well

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Uh…how is this skincare tip? Well but it is the biggest stress factor in our travel times! Stress shows first on your skin. Clear relationship established. I myself am no organization queen, but I have realized that if you plan your packing well, and keep your living space uncluttered, it is easy and stress free to pack and unpack. Time saved, effort saved and much stress avoided. All these will contribute to your relaxation and hence your skin’s glow. Trust me!

2. Use Samples

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Collect all your samples, especially the high end brands ones and use them while on your travels. This would allow you to use top notch products on your travel stressed skin and allow you to travel right. Travelling time is the best time to try out good branded samples. The fact that you can dispose of their packaging, is an added bonus.

3. Hydrate!

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Drink 2 glasses of water extra every day. This will help keep you hydrated and flush out the excess toxins that you are accumulating.

4. Moisturize

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Keep your skin clean and well moisturized. When we are travelling in air-conditioned spaces, especially in flights, ac trains and busses, our skin tends to dry out a lot. Dry skin in questionable surroundings is like a welcome mat for bacteria. No wonder, many of us get blemishes and zits on or soon after our travels.

5. Sanitize

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Always carry both, a hand sanitizer and wet towel stock in your travel tote. Railways, Flights, Busses …they don’t catch much sunlight and a lot of people travel in them. They are literally breeding grounds for Germs. Try to keep your hands as clean as possible and avoid touching your face. It makes a HUGE difference.

6. Refresh

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Always carry a hydrating mist, to continuously freshen yourself up whenever you feel like it. I always carry a travel sized Forest Essentials Rose Hydrating tonic mist (reviewed here).

7. Follow ‘Indulge And Skip’ Rule

It is a simple rule that says, if you indulge yourself in one meal…make sure you soothe your digestion in the other meal with lots of salads and fresh juices. This allows you to indulge as well as soothe your system, preventing overindulgence. Your body and skin will thank you for it!

8. Invest In A Travel Pillow

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

There is no saying how many people before you have rested their heads on the seat. Carrying a travel pillow not only saves your neck from spondylitis, but also prevents your delicate facial skin from coming in contact with unclean seats/windows etc.

9. For Your Hair

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

Ideally it’s better to oil your hair while on travels. This way it does not dry out and the entire gunk get easily removed. If you cannot oil your hair, make sure to at least slather on a good amount of hair serum. It does an equally good job and protects your hair from damage.

10. Relax

Amazing Travel Skincare Tips for Beautiful Skin

This is by far the most important tip. After you return home, ideally take out a day of your time; Unpack, unclutter your living space. Take a long indulgent bath, scrub the grime away, slather on your favorite lotion, do a quick scrub, face pack, Mani Pedi routine…and feel like you are born again. If possible try to sleep for a few hours …and you would be as good as new, ready to face life like a beautiful strong woman.

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